Friday, February 18, 2011


Living in a society full of crap, living in a concrete jungle congested of crowd and polluted by vehicles. Yeah it’s all about Sin City.

The years when we were born was the years when all these drug issues arise so in our memories there is no such memory of a day we don’t see a drug addict as we called “Hakurah P” guy in front of our doors. Actually these people must be handled by waste management section. The point of their life is none but to wake and find a lil piece of white opium to survive the day. The most famous white Opium is the cheapest and the most D graded drug that have ever come into existence. Only blaming these people is also not a way, Opium Dealers is also a very huge part of this discussion. Usually this black opium market is a very profitable business and the people who try this out touch the skies within days, so the life style of these Dealers and their richness is encouraging the new borns to get involve in their business. Nowadays it seems like its legalized because we don’t see the government taking any action against them, yes sure they do catch them and drag them to bird tongue island resort. But the next day they will be released with no charges and the virus is active again in the society.  

The life styles of the new generation is highly influenced by these ways… how many gals do I know, who loved to hang out with this local dealers, how many gals do I know, who love their boy friend to smoke ganja, and how many gals do I know, who smoke all these… the generation is ruined. There seems no one to stop it, the more the people get involved in this the more money for their business.

One of my friend who was sitting in front of his door with no shirt, was suspected and checked and at last it was said to him that standing with a naked body is illegal in here, that thing really open my mind… what the heck is this people in huge uniforms doing in the road, they don’t see but we can see chicks roaming around showing their backs, bellies, and even their parts under their undergarments and also their missing spare parts too, Isn’t that illegal in here. This is an Islamic country but the citizens are given options to choose the right path or not. A person will be arrested if he/she practices Buddhism in here and yeah because this is a 100% Islamic country and that’s the way it must be. But the people are given options in choosing Islamic studies too, if this is an Islamic state why don’t they implement Islamic sharia in here, why don’t they tell the people to do good deeds and the ladies to wear burqa instead of body fit clothing. Why can’t they teach everybody Arabic… I do really want to know the meaning of surah fatiha too when iam reading it in every single rakat… but what can I say, the only thing in my mouth right now is there was no Arabic subject in my school. There were two or three Islamic schools in here, and any one against me will say this easily but I am asking, was there enough space in those schools to fit all the kids in there ??

None is concern about these issues. They just keeps encouraging the people to do it for them, in one way or another they will force the youth towards it… I know some youngsters who hate these viruses and live a cool life of their own, they do race, and they do graffiti and sports. But the thing goes like this if someone does graffiti in a public wall then get ready to spend the next five days in Bird Tongue Island.

So we don’t care about them, we break the rules for the sake of humanity and for a better life…

Since the last decade people have started a new trend of smoking Hash Oil and with it the market of it has grown widely. About ninety percentage of my class mates are now highly addicted to this and it is really sad. Sad but true that my biggest crush started smoking hash oil and she loves to see me smoking it, but there are very few youngsters like me who stands on a principle and left the lady to choose hell… sad but true that my best gals already finished two or three or even more abortions… they are ruins, they are incorrigible. 

If I had a physical relation then I won’t hesitate to take the consequences. They get involved in physical relations multiple times and when it’s the time to pay the price, they step back… they are gutless. If I did a crime and got busted then put me in jail, I won’t cry because I have the guts to spend a term even in jail… but thank god that I really never intend of such things, Police always keeps an eye on me and I don’t know how many times they have checked me and my house and even tracked my phone lines too. Maybe they think I am a dealer or a hacker, hehe but insha Allah the only way to keep me isolated is to catch me as a political prisoner as a revolutionist. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Breath Less

Doing nothing but just trying to do some new things like following special diets and jogging, and finally trying to quit smoking. Smoke is so good but it takes my breath away causing me to fell aside... that’s really bullshit but true. In the mid of last month I use to wake up in the early morning, I go to the joggers park and just sits in there to smoke while seeing people jogging side by side. It’s funny to see them doing different kinds of exercise which might be a very useful one or a useless one which they invented hehe… most of the steps they do are invented by their self, some do watch exercising programs and some do read eBooks based on exercises..  And some do dance like a thirsty cobra lolz

Actually I never ever thought of coming to Joggers Park with an intention to jog and to exercises but hell yaeh me too dancing like a thirsty cobra keke …

The first two, three days I felt very very shy, just like a lady but later on its k. it’s so irritating to see old pals leaving me behind and running fast like a full-fit man, they use to come every day so they are trained like that unlike us. But me too will be strong like a Rasta and will run faster than them…

Well that’s my hope but it’s painful so sometimes I use to go swimming instead of jogging but that also not so successful yet, no energy and no breath. Six years ago I was a member of swimming association of Maldives and I was so fast that we use to bet, and believe me I completed one thousand meters within an hour… every Friday we were given tasks to swim in between male’ and hulhule’… but now I have become a lazy dog… left behind in the end of the race, floating just like a dead body…

For now I am just swimming and jogging but within few months I will try Yoga and Meditation which is my favorite ones.