Saturday, July 21, 2012

some chapters of life...

Days passed leaving me in error… after a good sleep of a night I woke up to confront life… life took me far across overseas to a new environment where there was nothing like ever before. I tried so hard to find that joyful dude in me whom once I use to be, I cried thousands of tears before I could accept reality. Perhaps this is my new world to be; a world full of responsibilities.

No long hour sleeps neither staying up late at night and so on everything was reversed. I was busy in my thoughts while the earth kept evolving in its course. My hair grew stronger and longer and my belly transformed to muscular abs, my skin changed its colour and my face grew older while I kept my eyes on the mirror to observe the man who I am facing in my very own mirror.

A growing fear in me kept my mind locked on a cause, a fear of not knowing tomorrow… I wish if I could be someone who could just lay on gods hand like the way some strong believing imams who I met lived a worry free life saying that god is there with them.

A coffee no longer interests me at all thus I was left in home, loneliness was my only friend. Smoke after a smoke I burned cigarettes enough to kill me at once yet I was a survivor, glory be to him who created my mind.

There is no need to cry to the things that has passed upon us and for the things that might fall over us. Life goes on though you and me live or not. I shall be someone wiser than whom I am right now; I must find my track and get ready to the battles of tomorrow. The path way to success is just right next to me however with all the responsibilities I find myself just too heavy to step on it, therefore I have to minimize the weight on me to survive my way to my dreams.

The burning flame of love that was in my heart distinguished with a blow of wind in this sudden trauma. I no longer felt any pain for the cruel love that I have never witnessed on my side. My appearance still on a hold on sweet sixteen but my thought started growing in this metropolitan leaving me bemused in the middle of the crowd.

Thoughts as politics was never a subject to which I object but now it is a growing fear in my mom’s heart that I will reach out to the people perhaps dominate a nation. Her concerns were right; I became so much interested in political science in the last few years and had attended many of the political chaos in Maldivian history. I read books about world leaders and found myself truly into it, I found myself on the edge of a great escape to the life I have always desired. Yeah, everyone named it a dirty game but I made my mind up to it by declaring that money comes out of dirt.

I know I’m fading to a whole new era; this was what I always had wished for, to be lonely. I found the rightful use of my mind when I was left alone in my world. Although I hate being in the mid of a change I really appreciate what god had bestowed upon me. Pen and a paper was sufficient enough for me to survive the boredom, my handwriting was always more like a drawing hence dad bought me a lap a year back so I could easily and neatly type whatever shit I want to write. Don’t be someone to judge me on the basis of my notes, as M.K.Gandhi said hand writing is not related to a person’s good education, in fact handwriting is the result of the tiny little circles and squares that we use to draw when we was in baby nursery.

Many of you praise me of my creativity and art or nature of talents; at this point I would really love to thank you all for the kind words and also would like to remind you like always I do, that I am not an artist. It is also a way how I survive my lonely days, it’s a passion. I never gift my paintings to anyone since I don’t consider myself as good as you all think who I am. Art in exchange of money; can’t even do that because my mind won’t stick to it. I don’t schedule the times for my art works, I don’t keep an idea of the art work, when the time is right then the mind will burst up with concepts.

Every day I face the Kaaba, I perform the obligatory prayers. I lift my hands in seeking refuge in his presence till I end the holy session with Aameen followed by Alhamdulliah. I try to keep my track on the righteous path. It is a ritual that I have wanted to adopt for a long time. I do it on my own good sense rather than moving my ass by mom’s will like the way I use to attend the prayers in my young days. Though I do it on my own; mom never fails to remind me again and again, well that’s mom. When it comes to dad; he has never been so keen about prayers, if I am in my good sense than I don’t remember him attending the Friday prayer… not even once, never ever in my entire life.

Now when I have come so far with dad in his cause he strongly regret of his misdeeds. He can’t change the fact that once he was all over Europe and America, involved in casual sex with white people and being drunk overnight. His alcoholic past caused him chronic kidney disease in recent years. At first when I came to know about his kidney disease and how it have caused him; I said in his face that whatever we face today is the past deeds of yesterday. However later on he cried and confessed his past life. As a son I could have hated him for such activities but I don’t deal him with arrogance. At some point he is a great man. The great big daddy cool with the knowledge of all electronic devices and engines he ranks in the top of Maldives. I seek forgiveness for him in my prayers…

I miss some components but I don’t find it so odd to live in this strange land, Sri Lanka. I have to find comfort on spiky edges if I’ve got to fulfill my dreams. Though in times of trail; Insha Allah I won’t loose my grip from the dreams of past.

The barking of dogs and thunder storms, the pouring rain and the quivering of birds wakes me up with the rising sun. The changed weather and the coldness in air left me in shivering mean whilst I was busy in consideration.  The sound of changing gears and the smile of my buddies were railing up and down in my mind. I felt the sweet smell of dreams; it will take time to configure them.

We shall move forward triumphantly, we shall learn to believe in the unseen; we shall not forget the presence of the almighty. Dark sacred nights and bright bless days was an important part of this bliss; wandering around I kept strolling down the streets. Rode on three wheels and at times felt the congestion of the crowded busses, met some beauties as pearls; rare and precious and met huge fat dirty cows; everywhere to be found, some said hi while some just made angry faces.

“The highest rank is of a traveler” was a famous saying in the time of King Asoka. Not religiously but logically some of these saying does make sense. Prophet Ibrahim was a traveler and so on many Prophets traveled far across the desserts. In times of depression I use to remind myself about the good in traveling; it keeps me focus on my track.

The reciting of Quran echoed the house, it was something really really rare back in Male’ so I felt like being in a funeral. According to the Islamic Sharia every child should recite the whole Quran once in lifetime. Many lovely kids are done with it when they are just only seven, mom tried out her best to fulfill the ritual by me but sadly I bunked the Quran classes and never did complete the reciting of the entire Quran. Today I feel bad, ashamed and I regret about the fact that I am so bad in Arabic.  Nonetheless Insha Allah I’ll by heart the Quran someday…

In recent past I got my hair trimmed, I threw my necklace and my bracelets for the sake of my loving family. People found me smart and gentle and really appreciated me and in the meantime I really appreciated them for understanding the love I continued for my ear studs so did I never threw my ear studs and rings. Although kept a good habit of removing it in the presence of elders. After all today I’m a changed man in the mid of a change.

And so on will live a life of changes… unique and passionate…

Thank you for reading a bit of my subconscious mind
Sunday, 8th july 2012, 17:17… Colombo, Sri Lanka
Ebrehemo Farah’

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Questions by Hanko

If a genie granted you 3 wishes what would it be?
     1)      Take me to a tour throughout the universe
     2)      Fill my mind with knowledge
     3)      Grant me the ideal chick
Would you marry someone who's much richer or poorer than you?
Obviously, if I am rich enough than I don’t mind about the wealth of the bride…
but if I am poor than I will mind about the wealth in every way… =)

What was the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
Fell in love…

Are there any causes you strongly believe?
Yeah, many… anti drug is my title, I avoid taking medicines too

Do you have a role model- someone you want to emulate? Whom do you admire the most?
Yasser Arafat is one of my role models…
I don’t emulate anyone; I’m unique in my ways…                            
 I admire the Prophet and his allies…

Are you a morning person or night person?
I’m a midnight person =)

Are there any fears that you have and would like to get over?
Change… I hard it find to adjust myself to the new changes of life

If you could hold on to one thing, what would it be?
My principals…

What sound do you love?
The sound of flute…

What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?
     1)      Heal the World – Michael Joseph Jackson
     2)      Buffalo Soldier – Robert Nesta Marley
     3)      Stir It Up – Robert Nesta Marley
     4)      Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
     5)      Here Without You – 3 Doors Down
     6)      Hotel California – Eagles
     7)      Wind of Change – Scorpions
     8)      Aicha – Outlandish
     9)      Sweet Child O Mine – Guns and Roses
    10)   Desert Rose – Sting
    11)   Jai Ho – Allah Rakka Rahman
And it goes weirdly long; I’ve got a list of 100 favorite songs hehe…

What was the last movie, TV show or book that made you cry or tear up?
The one that Aamir Khan is hosting on Star Networks…

Questions by Haiko

How would you define ultimate happiness?
The source of ultimate happiness is based on a combination of various outcomes... it can be good relations, good health and wealth etc… for me ultimate happiness would be resting in peace... that’s enough =)

Do you think the notion of 'ultimate happiness' is existent?
Yeah to some extent it is...

Who is the most important person in your life and why?
My great legendary grand paa... why? He has emotionally and financially supported me till date,         
His word is a command and Insha Allah I’ll fulfill his word…

If you could wish for any one thing that can be applied to your life in this world, what would it be?
Good deeds, it’s something you got to earn it in this life; you won’t be able to gain it on the day of resurrection… 

What is the first thing that usually comes to mind when you first wake up?
Honestly it’s the Time and than a Smoke keke...

If you had to change anything about your appearance, would you choose to change anything?
Yeah I want a strong hair like Bob… and a beard like Osama

What verse from the Qur'an is your favourite at this point in your life?
"Igrau Bismi Rabbikallazi Halaq"

Questions by Hathu

When you first met me what did you think of me??
When was the first time I met you?? I think for the first time I met you in your house,
your hair caught my eyes...

What are you most proud of??
You will get the answer when you read my Autobiography… you have to wait till it publishes, it might take decades hehe…

What’s best in hathu??
Height and weight

Have you ever been jealous of a close friend??
Yup, once a close friend stole my chick by the influence of his strong beard...
Sad there was not a single hair beneath my cheek =(

What’s bad in you??
I’m a heavy smoker... will die soon =)

What are you excited at the moment??
Nothing at all, I’m just bemused

The person you love most??
Mom, though I hate her attitude...

Do you believe in Allah, than why you don't like attending prayers??
 Any doubt?? I have faith in Allah...
Noon and Asr payer is not so interesting because the imam does not recite Quran loudly, I think it might have been a ritual of olden days, when there was Pegan Arabs roaming out in Arabia... Anyways at times I do attend Noon and Asr prayers too, Maqrib, Ishaa and Fajr prayers are my favorite ones...

You will be surprised to know that there was a time when I use to go far away mosques, so the people in there won’t know me and ill satisfy myself by saying yeah I’m not showing off...
Good; people never knew about my deeds hehe...

Do you think you are smart to let hathu ask silly questions??
I’m smart enough to tackle your questions truthfully

Questions by Toby

What do you think of double side tape people?
Lol... you're asking about double side fur people hehe...
 After meeting those kinda wicked people now i believe, yeah!
Really there are people like the rapists we use to see in old Hindi movies pak pak pakaaazzZ

 Who are your loyal friends?
Mohamed Saeed - Mode
Ahmed Ashfaq - Andhu
Hassan Jinan - Jerry
Ahmed Mujthaba - King
Abdulrahman Adam - Bakuru
Zaid Abdulraheem - Deeds
Farish Abdulrahman - Ef
Mohamed Iyash - Toby
Yaseen Mohamed - Yaa

Why are you so picky with girls?
I try to get the best out of what god have bestowed upon us,

An eye, lips, hips, nips, curves and even the foot; I’m very keen in choosing the best. The perfect ones are called Mermaids and they’re very rare, I love them in anything or in nothing. The main two figures are called the Box curve and the Vass curve; they’re available in all sizes and in multiple colours…

Bipasha Basu is a Box Curve while Eva Mendes is a Vass Curve…
Bar Rafaeli is a Mermaid… Dr. Ebrehemo Farah’ Al Saud is a Merman =P
I don’t follow every girl out there, if a girl caught my eyes than there's no doubt, she is a Mermaid...

What do you think of me? :P
First of all, Huge =) I like your name "iyash" and you snap good shots… will work together someday =)

 What is your daily routine now that you are in lanka?
Wake, smoke... go to toilet clean the toilet and wipe, and then broom, mop and wipe all the house and at last take a shower and move my ass to bus...

Do you miss your bike and what’s gonna happen to it now?
I miss the speed in it, I miss the gears so freaking bad…
What’s gonna happen to it? Well, god knows… anyhow I wish the best for it

 What are your life goals at the moment?
A Masters Degree... way to go Insha Allah

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates =)

Do you see yourself in Maldivian politics?
Sure... and then it’s time to play the game...

If you were to say something to all your friends now, what would it be?
Miss the Puss...
Keep in touch,, Cya if alive…

Questions by some people who don’t wanna mention their names.

What’s so special about Arabian girls?
They’re huge and white, they got pink nips and lips… they got killing eyes and black hair, probably they are the most precious gem in the world; especially the ones found in Iran. Their stamina is  equivalent to a horse; there is no easy sex with them…

How about Brazilian asses?
Not bad, damn good =)

Would you go to a massage parlor to satisfy your sexual desires?
Never ever… 

Books or boobs?
Both =) wont sacrifice either

Why did you choose Hotel School?
It was not something in my mind until my aunt came up to me with the offer… at that time I was expelled from school and was roaming around so thought to give a try. I wasn’t interested in any field, the only thing in my mind was money and the best way to get money was business or corruption. Hotel School can lead me to a wondrous status in Business so I chose Hospitality.

Boxers or Sunglasses?
Sunglasses =) wise decision…

Tell me some more about your ideal wife?
She does not exist =)

Name ten of the most trusted products?
      1)      Ray-Ban
      2)      Diesel
      3)      Levis
      4)      Marlboro
      5)      Harley Davidson
      6)      Sony
      7)      Microsoft
      8)      Bose
      9)      Apple
    10)   Addidas

Will you fill air in condoms and give it away on your Birthday?
Sure… in fact on the very next birthday. It will create awareness…

Wrestling is fake; then why are you such a huge fan of the Undertaker?
It wasn’t fake back in nineteenth century; nineteenth century wrestling was based on real bloody fights. Mark William Callaway, the finest competitor in the history of world wrestling, was a man who rose during those days; in the mid of great heroes like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and the Hulk Hogan.

How about four wives?
Wow… it will be awesome if I could find four wives in four colours =)

Are you a virgin, big boy?
Hell yeah… I’m precious and rare =P virgins are in high demand =P

What’s your favorite sex position?
Tie a rope to the mid body of the girl and then hang her upside down to the fan; level her by letting her head slightly touch the floor. Spread her legs horizontal; from her front aim and fire, then close her leg and lock in a scissor. Wisely from her left take your right arm to her back and hold her weight by holding her thie in a strong grip; for comfort, place your left hand on the left side of her buttocks. Don’t give her any pain in the mid body by pulling her up and towards you. and then enjoy the ride… be calm and gentle in the process =)    That’s my favourite position =P

Last movie you saw in a theatre?
Hmmm… “The Island President”
The first Hollywood film based on a Maldivian and the finest direction ever shot in the tiny archipelago.

What’s so special about Aamir Khan?
Hehe… he is one of the finest method actors in word cinema with a world record of the most blockbusters. His Movie “Taare Zameen Par” was declared to be the finest movie of 2007. Multiple time Oscar nominated; there is no words to honor this Actor, Director, Singer, Writer and Producer, Aamir Khan.

Name five of your favorite cities?
      1)      Abu Dhabi
      2)      Istanbul
      3)      Sydney
      4)      Las Vegas
      5)      Cape Town
      6)      Rio De Jenerio
      7)      Beirut
      8)      Oakland
      9)      New York
     10)   Mecca

Preferred Magazine?
Keke… what if I say “Playboy”

Tell me the game you’re so fond of?
Pool Billiards =)

Name a smell that reminds of good memories?
Smell of dust, smell of burning tyres and there are many to name

In your fine opinion who is the most beautiful women in the world?
Aishwarya Rai, Eva Mendes, Shakira, Bar Rafaeli and they are many to name… can’t judge one

What’s gonna be the future kid’s name?
If a boy, Owais Farah’ or Irreel Farah’, “Owais” means “companion of the prophet” in Arabic. “Irreel” means “brave” in Arabic.
If a girl, Tara Farah’ or Aara Farah’, “Tara” means “Star” in Hindi, Urdu and Arabic. “Aara” means “Virgin” in Arabic.

Do you have any pets? Are they allowed inside your bedroom?
Wild cats… I would love to have a tiger; Siberian Tiger =) Of course, at times they sleep on my bed with me.  I hate the people who cage innocent animals, you got to leave it free if you wanna have them in your home if not than leave them in their environment…

Coca Cola, the best there is =)

What are you planning to do on your spare times?
Join Guitar Classes