Monday, October 31, 2011

Shades that Fade…

Its been a while since the last time I attempted to type anything from these fingers but finally here I am back again with the hope of expressing something or in other words to share something with you all lovely bloggers.

It is the most memorable days in one’s life, and it is the years to choose the path. It is the most romantic moments someone could have ever imagined and it is the worst nightmare anyone could have ever seen. When it comes to boys than it’s all about counting till a hair appears beneath the cheek and in other side girls are just too crazy in measuring their sizes every single day and it goes weirdly long… to be waiting for the prince charming and some just way too ahead of these Cinderella stories.

College life is the something you shouldn’t miss at all, it’s not about studying it’s all about gaining; gaining fame, gaining weight and gaining everything… the result of these gaining’s can really bring a change in your life, as a matter of fact this is the place where your journey begins. The one who choose to be with the girl’s ends with them and the one with books passes away with books while the ones who were silent remained silent as the way they were. Merely 75% of your style is something you adopt from your college life or shortly in your teen age. The way you think and the way you react and even your hobbies and interests can be influenced by the environment. Some teen agers tend to remain silent because of a terrifying incident in their life; later on they never got the initial guts to overcome it. It’s a mental state where the human brain devolves itself from the joy of life while some other teen agers are bemused in the new changes of life.

After being a teen ager for past years I’m attempting to write this post about teens in my last month of teen age. I did observe and researched on issues with my peers and most of all I just set down and watched the way how the years passed. Some girls, whom I know as good girls changed their ways and weirdly they went to the path of ruin. On other side some girls whom I know as bitches changed their ways and they are appearing in front of me with a new face with a new personality. Simply good changed to bad and bad to good and I happen to be one amongst them, amongst the ones who changed. I’m not that fellow who I used to be. My looks might not have been affected at all but I’m changed, least from my mind.

After the school age I found it merely impossible to have a relation with any of my schoolmates probably because of the image once I portrayed to them, and it was not so good and I regret for that. Though I’m not the same still I’m afraid of getting rejected. Surly anyone who rejects me is an unlucky one yet I just can’t face them. Beside that my looks was too younger than my age and it sucks at times… I’m twenty but I seems like a sixteen year old boy and that’s one of the how I get rejected from my aged mates, In a way that will benefit me someday when I’m over 40s, than ill be younger not only from my heart but from my looks too.

With growing age, with the rolling time least we are able to seek something that might brighten up our future about which we don’t even have a clue. Human brains are formed in such a way that it will find its components on its own but there is also a very lame and careless part of the brain too, mostly we are aware about everything still we are never keen of changing it. Some call it addiction and if highlighting the point than the life is an addiction in itself.  How many minutes do we take to know about a thing? How many years do we take to implement that thing in our life? It’s all about a weakness that is growing inside us with the time.

The most enjoyable teen life might influence you to something that you never intended of and if so than just try to change your attributes to the way you want, before it’s too late. It is not an easy thing to change styles after you have adopted it.

During the mid of my teen years which is eventually ending in 14 days, I always had a desire of writing… first I thought to have a thought book so I can write on the first page that I thought of having a thought book hehe… but not a diary. It might jeopardize my plans despite I never had any big secrets to keep hidden in my diary so later on I found about dhona’s blog and she was really helpful. I saw her blog and I said “yeah, this is the perfect place for a free writer like me”. Hopefully people liked my articles that I published at first, but for me those are just craps to read over again to laugh out loud. In my opinion I think my blog is the result of hundred books I read.

I was one of those with a question in mind, What’s my field??. So I always loved to try anything that came infront of me, just to check whether that’s meant for me or not, If I was good at anything than I noted it down but at last I was a bit of everything. I could try anything to a good average level. There was no such thing in which I could say that I am a master. So I just felt like doing everything until I find a specific interest in something. The only thing I could aim was money and honey so im just ready to go for anything that can lead me to my dream, whether its business or politics ill just dip my head in it.

So there was much of everything that I can adopt form my teen age, well that’s the way I feel… if truth than you will know what ever I have adopted from this blog. And this is a platform where I have never lied. Though secrets or not just let it be written in my blog.

Even my writing did help me pretty much in observing my behavior; I love people who criticize my blog. Actually they are the engines behind this and they are a mirror for me to look at that and to change my bad adopts. Simply i want to change my whole life to the perfect way before the black shades fade to my life.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Some Questions Posed at me...

           so ive been pretty busy in collectings questions for this post and it was a hard task... aaah finally its done. i tried to get some tough questions but these are the questions some people wanna ask me so here it is =)

       * What does mostly people do notice about you??
  That I am a bit of everything,,  ummm some say im funny and some say im dummy…
·         *  How do you spend your spare time?
  Mostly in facebook and the rest with my friends,,  you find me inside coffee shops…
·         *  Firstly what’s on your mind, when you’re lonely?
  A paint brush and a canvas with colours or else a paper and a pen…
·         * How do you feel about losing something important?
  What goes around comes around,, when god is with you what else can fear you…
 * How do you feel when people ignore you?
  Fuk them twice,, I won’t dip my head in their life unless they invite me in their life =)
 * What do you desire about most?
  My dream,,  ”Cafe’ Omri”
·         *  Rain or sun?
  Nothing at all,, sun makes me hot and rain makes me wet so ill prefer some balanced condition.
·         * Favorite role model?
  Yasser Arafat
·         * What will you do if you get a million?
  I’ll try to add another zero to it,,  probably business
·         * The Incident you won’t forget…
  An Auto ride in Bangalore, India in 2007…
10 questions posed by modeson…

·         * What do you appreciate?
  Kindness, love, and truth
·         * What do you expect in a girl?
Slim, tall and intelligence 
·         * What’s your Personality?
  Im a very silent guy but at times I can be loud but I love silence.  My mood can change at anytime within     seconds,, depending on the situation.  Anger is my weakness and the ability to release that anger without   opening my mouth is my strength.  Ill describe my personality as a QED,, quietly easy done…
3 questions posed by Rayn…

·        *  What is something you want to do and not many people know about it ?
I love to read books… and not many people know about that,, just only close friends and family is aware about that =)
·         * Describe your ideal wife ?
Silm, fair, taller than 5 feet 7 inches and and overall seductive ;)… educated and civilized, wiser than the perfect, intelligent and confident … that will be enough…
·         * Is there a fear of you that you want to overcome ?
Fear for Gins… it might sound a bit funny but really that’s the fear that keeps me awake at nights…
·         * Answer this one very frankly, do you judge people on the basis of their appearances ? why ?
NO,, I don’t judge people on the basis of their appearances and if I do than I guess they are many people out of my list…  i just tend to say the image a guy is portraying and it got nothing to do with his or her personality =)… and why ?? mmhm because you don’t see the face hidden behind the mask,, it might be good or evil =)
·         * Whom would you choose between your love and your family ? why ?
Obvious my family,, because true love will never leave us alone as bob says keke
·         * Who pisses off you most ?
ifa ,,
·         * What is one food you can eat always and never get bored of ?
Btw im on diet hehe… but now when you have asked mmmhm its “Papadam”… hope you all know about it =)
·         * When do you get most frustrated ? what do you do in such times ?
I don’t want to hear a lie from my family and friends… and when I am crossed with a lie that’s the most frustrating  times… in such times I don’t do much neither I say much, I just say “fuk u” and I won’t trust them anymore…
·         * Why do you love history most ?
Because the mystery is buried in it =)
·         * What age do you wish to be always ?
I love to be a 22 year old guy and  thats the age I want to be preserved in =)
·         * The best word you said to someone ?
“ I love you” hehe… yeah that’s the best words I said to someone, only once  =)
 11 questions posed by Dhona…
        *  What do you want in youe life ??
I already got freedom so I want Kingdom and Stardom in my life
·        *  How much do you think about tomorrow ?
Pretty much,,  infact every single minute
·         * What is the gud thing in your life and the bad thing ?
Hmm good thing in my life is that im still alive =) and the bad thing is that I don’t know when im gonna die =(
·         * Do you believe that money is everything, and if you do than why ?
Yeah, I do believe… people say that money can’t buy love, happiness and bla bla blaa,, that’s crap. For me money is happiness and money can buy love too, just grab sum bling bling stuff and show off around and then see how many gals do count on you,, so like that just grab a hawt chick and hangout with her and than fall in love with her =) simple… see money is everything dude =)
·         * Do you believe that you’re in a good path ?
Sure… I don’t doubt myself,, neither can somebody fool me =)
·         * How do you think about girls ?
Girls… mmmhm they’re good…  but ill go with the bob’s quotation “ no women, no cry “ hehe =)
6 questions posed by zaison

Saturday, August 13, 2011


When the fun times are scattered away I sit alone at the side of the road watching the people pass by me as time, Insha Allah still conscious after a packet of smoke, being able to stop the tears from pouring down to waste. It’s not easy to smile every day, it’s not easy to let go off. I fear of a day I might cry, I fear of a day where I might not find my everlasting smile so at times I let myself feel the scream of thousands of people dying every day. As much as I try to keep myself enjoyed I feel the pain, as I said it’s not easy to smile every day, you can’t just forget about everything. I know I can’t even crack a nut but least I feel sad for some people.

When I close my eyes mom and dad appears in front of me, it just fe.els like having them under my eyelashes. As mom says nothing last forever and you just can’t lean on somebody, you got to live your own life. I cry before I say it but someday mom will travel to an unknown place where I can’t reach. That’s the bitter truth of life at last it will be me and my god only.

Actually this post is just a tribute to all those Palestinian brothers and sisters dying in the war held within past two decades. It feels like ignoring the fact by not talking about them, about the trafficking over there. Some said hello to the freedom of Palestine and often said bye too, while some people like Arafat died for the cause, so salute to the legends.  It was not long ago when Vittorio Arrigoni was killed… that’s another Italian fellow who died in the same cause, Palestine is strange too.

War’s end and peace do happen in between countries but this is an endless issue. Since we started to remember there have always been some bombardments over Palestine meanwhile some big peace makers are just too busy in considering the whole globe expect one.

I guess that’s the actual reason for foaming a terrorist… it seems like that.

What amaze me about Palestine is their courage, and their patience too for living in a war field.  If somebody attacks my land and tries to bug me then ill shout everyday in fact ill create a revolution. Obvious ill make their life hell. So if that’s my intention than guess about them.  All these war heads should have been Bob Marley fans so than they’ll say one love, one heart thus problem solved =)

Once in my life time I really wanna pay a visit to Palestine, just one wish… insha Allah…

Monday, August 1, 2011

how it is

Day before yesterday I found the mosque empty but once its Ramadan, the mosque is overflowing with people… for some people god appears only in Ramadan. As soon as the Ramadan is over, the wisdom is gone and they are back on their way. I think they’re trying that out just because the sheikhs are willing them to do it. Okay I do believe that Ramadan is a holy month and a month of worship but the remedy of obligatory prayers and the remedy of Ramadan fast are totally different. The obligatory prayers are not just meant for Ramadan, there are daily 5 prayers whether it’s Ramadan or not.

Well that was about some people and then let’s see others, a guy sleeps from morning 6 to evening 3 or 4pm and still claims himself to be fasting.  That’s a good one but probably there are trying to skip the hunger of fasting.  Nowadays there is another good way of fasting by facebook. No prayers no deeds just facebook till maqrib.

It’s sad that most of us are seeing this holy month from a very weird perspective. It’s not a month of fun, it’s not a month of food it’s a month to keep in touch with god like the way he accompanies you to everywhere. Mostly house wife’s are just too busy in cooking and hardly finds a time to face “qibla”. I’m not saying about all of them its jus some of them, anyhow that’s really sad. The way how a wife’s duty is to feed the husband in the same manner there are duties for the husband too, he should allow and moreover advice his wife to the righteous path.

Sad some just break their fast like nothing by eating or by doing something weird. It’s not about the community, why do people hide and eat? I can still remember the times we eat; we don’t care for the people because there is a one accounting our life. I ask forgiveness from my god and I seek refuge from him to all my past sins.

As the sun goes down and when it’s the time for the cool breeze of evening, you will notice thousands of people riding in their bikes with their girlfriends or in other words their lovers… we all know that a open relationship without marriage is not allowed in Islam as far as I know, there might be some internet Islamic preachers who might ignore the fact. It is also said that a non related women and a man should be spoken in public with a distance in between them, so I don’t understand how people ride with their lovers on bike, hugging each other and like always girls pressing their boobs against the back of their so called boyfriends, yet they claim their self to be fasting. Umm are we that much D graded to have sex on bike? Now I don’t need to answer that, verily Allah knows the best.

Let’s not forget about the damn hot girls who just waste our fast to nothing by roaming half naked in the road. Actually it’s not that they are too bad, it’s just because they are trained like that. They have been wearing all these miniskirts and body fit clothing since they started to remember and when some of these girls decide to wear burqa still they cant help it thus they are out in the road with a burqa and a skinny jeans along with a white transparent shirt. So that’s the way how it goes but remember the whole community needs to be responsible for them. It’s none of our business but we must advice over what they are doing. Who knows some of them just turns to right path within days while some just straight to the path of fire.  May Allah forgive them all…

“Rabbanaa Aathina Fihdhunya Hasnathan Vafil Aahirathi Hasanathan Vagina Azaabah Naar “ It’s a dua for you and for me =)

Friday, July 22, 2011

time to fast n fast

So another damn month passed leaving us in front of holy Ramadan… 
so in advance Ramadan Mubarak to you all...
It wasn’t cool, in fact I was kinda freezing to ride in the rain with dhona, for dhona it was “ I lurv it “ and for me it was “ damn shit “, but it was nice, it was a whole new experience and felt like I’ve been missing a fun part of my life, damn shit was pretty good at last =)

So these days are going pretty well and I lost some and got some, i got a new lap and a iphone, I got my bike engineered like a rocket and much more. Dad has really proved himself as “Al Saud” by pouring that much money over me, long last my dad =)

This post is actually to announce that i'll be trying to mess up a kitchen in Ramadan so now I am not promising for it but ill show up with some stuff like that.  I know how to cook but I’m not a cook so it’ll be hard but I’ll try. If that doesn’t work out than maybe I can show you some beverage magic, I studied in hotel school. So look forward for it…

I can see that my blog stats are very low these days obviously coz I spend one half of my time in facebook. But no worries soon ill be back in touch. And yeah I met some blog mates during this month, some rejected my facebook requests, my bad anyway I was going on the road and somebody caught my eyes so I came round again to see her and it was Aliya, that was the 4th time I saw her on the road. I even met Amal on facebook and she was kinda sweet… One blogger even came up to my coffee table and was roaming around the table for a while probably coz she don’t know my name and she was waiting till I recognize her, at last she came to me and said in a weird voice… keke 

so cya all u luvly ppl in Ramadan =)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Chicks wit Syringes

There are white and neat, they are educated and modern. , and the people who does the job they are very kind in all aspects but there are evil ones too, I can still remember a carless nurse who injected a injection to a wrong nerve and my friend was behaving like a monkey. But that’s like once in a blue moon night if saying in Dhona’s word keke.

Since the kiddy days the only interests left in my mind was Harley Davidson Bikes and Lady Doc’s, saying frankly not only doc’s but girls who choose a career in some active way like Engineering. Somehow I find them very interesting. Their level of thinking and their way of living is just Unmatchable. At this age it’s very hard to find girls from that category as most of the doc’s and engineers are over 27, the girls in my batch they are just on their way with their studies so there are several years to wait.

Last month I got a cut under my foot and later on the wound got infected so the doc had to do a lil operation with my foot and it was paining like hell. That’s why I am pretty much welcomed in hospital to change my bandage. It’s like a new season with people wearing white, if hospital rent rooms for visitors than I am gonna be the first one to rent a room over there to get the hospitality and to make friends from one of the above categories.

For me it’s a whole new experience of hospitals coz I never had to step inside an ambulance. Thank God I was a very healthy kid, in my life just only 2 or 3 times I had to go to the doc but I am not used to it therefore the nurse in charge of me had to call my mom to inject me a tetanus injection, ouch.

Though it pains its awesome to step inside hospitals to see hot kind doctors who treat me just like mom and I love them. Its just the lil syringe im afraid of. In the end of last year a friend call me and asked to donate some blood for her sister so i said yes since it was a good deed and i was trying to fresh my blood. But unluckily as i saw the syringe i got scared causing the flow in my blood thus the whole mission failed. Poor me and poor kid, 

All these girls with syringes, they used to eat healthy food and do yoga and etc... I guess that's the reason why they have smooth skin and perfect body language, even better than models.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Why De’ Hell Shit Happens ??

Post after a post with no heading, if heading then no tailing. 
So I’m fed up of all these posts and drafts and bla bla blaaa….

Let’s talk about a common issue like why the hell shit happens… 
yeah that’s a really good topic so that’s gonna be the heading. 
So “why the hell shit happens??”

Hmmm, mostly all the time we are facing some unexpected, unpredictable things… at times it pains a lot when we expect for too much. It’s better to keep our expectations in a limit or else shit happens.  Actually when querying this issue, we are the ones causing for all these. We get into it and we face it, fair and square. We don’t think of it, we don’t expect it to happen thus we are done with it and surly we will face it. But it won’t happen if we had expected the worse, if tried out another way though it’s hard.

I know you’re having some difficulties in understanding me; actually you can relate this to anything that’s why you’re thinking about what I am trying to say... I’m not trying to convince a situation I’m just briefly highlighting an issue. But I don’t think you will get it without a situation so see, no,, just read…

Last year I was expecting too much about me shifting to abroad. I was too hyper about it and I was counting for it but shit happened, that entire countdown knocked on my head and I’m sitting here in Male’. So that’s a case too… when you count on, better to hold a negative attribute on expectations.

Another case is about my bike and the speed in it. I’m a racer in the smallest city in the world unfortunately. More than 160000 people live in this damn place and it’s over and over congested.  We should have expected for the worse but sad we never thought of it while riding like a bullet in 100km per hour. There was a thought, actually we know that our fate is waiting for us somewhere around us but who knows when its gonna strike on us. So shit happened and thus we had to drag ourselves out from under a car. it was paining like hell…

Like that there are many situations where you realize what I’m saying.  And now when it comes to the original shit happens, though we think of it, though we are alert the original ones find us from nowhere and strike just on us before we know it.  I got to say that it’s the most damn part of luck.

You study all the time and your grades are good mostly in the top 3 but who causes you to the first, second and third. The one who comes to third is also a bug in his book, neither his abilities are lower than the first and second but he ended in third. Now that’s when we talk about the original shit happens, or it’s called the damn luck.

I know that pic is a really funny shit happening pic but this post isn’t that much funny. Shit happens can be categorized in many. Like there are funny ones such as the pic.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mooozik the way i spell it...

From old Hindi melodies to black magic metal there are various genres of music. I explore music through everything. Whenever I am questioned about my favorite genres, I end up with a question mark. Whether it be Classical Sangeet or Maldivian Raivaru, it’s good as long as it’s good for my ears. Like the way people figure out the odds from taste, I figure out the odds from rhythm. Some people don’t even give a try on the various kinds of music. At times it’s too boring for them but unlike them I play everything.  When I analyzed my playlist I ended up ranking Bob Marley at the top. Yeah it’s a fact that I love his music and his dread locks but not his habits and weed. Most of the time reggae is playing in my mind but I am not the guy to be saying Ja Rasta.

It’s sad that the new generation doesn’t believe in listening Hindi songs. If I was caught playing it than they will be saying that it’s an old fashion and blalala. But that’s not true, appreciating the great talents in people is not an old fashion. In fact A.R.Rahman is the greatest music composer in today’s face of earth. His music is all over the world and even in their so called latest fashioned English movies too, and his music is unique and the best. So actually if we are speaking the truth than there aren’t any reasons not to play Hindi.

And about playing Dhivehi music, it’s not good for me neither for my ears except a few like Zero Degree, Mezzo and Faththey. I hate copy tracks and I think that’s the reason why I don’t like Dhivehi songs. But there are some good ones from the worst.

The only music I can’t tolerate is opera. Oaaaaawwwww and it goes long and long in one breathe, o god I don’t know what they are trying to say from the music. Yeah that reminded me of this animated cartoon Finding Nimo, it’s just like the way Dora calls for the whales.

I personally believe that nineteenth century was the birth century for the three greatest legends in music history, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson. Indeed Jackson being the most famous man in human history. I remember after few weeks from Jackson’s death, I went to fish market and asked an 85 year old papa about Michael Jackson and he knows about Jackson. Same way I asked Bangladeshi labours and even lil kids in baby nursery, well guess they all know about Jackson. If you don’t believe me than go out, ask about Jackson and see the answers.

I love Rihanna, Eminem, Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg and thousands of them but I don’t know why I don’t like Lady Gaga. She is hot, her hair is awesome and at the very moment she ranks at the top in Facebook just right after Jackson. Lady Gaga plays techno and does robotic movements and people love her for that. Well I am a fan of her, since she got a special unique ability to eliminate competitors. I appreciate her music too, it’s full of talents but I think it’s not for me.

Saying that I am a fan doesn’t mean that I am a fan of her/his music. When I say Justin my friends will full fill it by saying Bieber. But when I say that I am a fan of him they’ll just give me a strange look. I think Bieber is great he gained both money and honey in his teeny years. He even dated my celebrity crush Selena Gomez. So I think he got something to be dating a gal 3 years older than him.

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Unpredictable World ...

Everybody is busy with their own work, no matter what time it is. Working towards progress to achieve something and some of them are forgoing their life for the sake of their kids. Rich and poor both scales are struggling on in their levels. Prayer calls, people in mosque, students in class and us watching all these. A day consists of the better and the bitter. I build up my mind from those two components, the better and the bitter. I had such awful nightmares and some awesome experiences.

Sometime back I had a very strong belief over my opinion over my perspective that it is the best and yeah most of the time it is. My view might be the right idea but there might be some answers better than mine. And the great thing is they prove their ideas by working it.  I was never keen about getting married in a early age and when my friend got ready to be hubby I advised him on this topic, I said he should think again before getting married, I said he is gonna miss his young days, I said it will be headache but against my word he got married in early 20 and he proved it successful and now he is a daddy too. But as I said now he is missing a part of lifetime and it’s a headache though he doesn’t admit it. My view was never wrong neither his view was wrong he succeeded but with the odds.

From that day onwards I kept that thing in my mind, there are ways for everything, right ways and bad ways and even there might be multiple right ways but you got to hold on the better, but you will taste the bitterness of the path someday but that’s the way how it is as there are disadvantages in advantages too.

My dad and me are always against each other, his views and my views never comes to the same point so we had to argue for a long time and finally I got my room and shifted aside 2 and a half years ago. He loves me and I love him too but if he want me to be an engineer or a technician than sorry dad. I’m not the one to be doing that, just because my dad is one of the finest engineer and technician in Maldives I don’t need to be following him. It’s obvious, two people have different mind and different style so I’m saying it clearly that those engineering things are not for me. Money comes from the dirt so I guess politics is the best way to win money.

At times dad is funny, he is angry for the reason that I don’t fell in a deep relationship. He wants me to be with a good girl hehe… but I’m a boy and according to Sharia I don’t need to tell him about my marriage, I can tell him if I want and if I don’t than let it be. At this age I don’t want to go through a deep relationship, it’s time for fun not for caring. Mom cares about me so I guess for now I don’t need a girl to be caring me. A caring girl is good but along with it comes a headache too.

Some people just jumps into a relation for some bang bang sexology, if that’s the case than there are ways for me to bang bang with good friends and it’s easy since I don’t need to jump to a relation with them.  When considering a relationship, banging is never my first priority. Living a life with me, that’s my priority. So dad’s view is good and mine too but for now I’m not being able to find that lady.

A day of sunshine and a day of rain, a day of joy and a day of dispirit.  My ways are perfect but watch out its spiky since there are no easy ways to win.  The furthermost memory I have is from the first day to school, a day from 1993 summer. Mom took me to school and on the way she almost changed my mind towards school so I was like very excited to see the place but unfortunately when I saw my teacher… O my god! a black lady with a wicked hair, “MUMMY” I cried out loud and cried out for help and fortunately the principle saw me and he asked my mom to take me to a class where I am happy so that day I was working around the school to figure out the best class. Finally after hours I found a very nice hot teacher fair as a peach, straight long black hair and she was smiling at me so I ran and jumped to her arms. Hmmmm felt like a hot nap anyway mom registered me in that class and I named my teacher “Fair Aunty” and from that day on wards till today, after 18 years whenever I see her, I call her “Fair Aunty” and she love me.

So those golden days from 90’s were the most memorable days of my life, the things that goes around and the people around us were totally different from today. There are some specific objects from 90’s which are very memorable tools like Bicycle, Kites and an interval bottle which seems like a Binocular. 

Our family is one heck of a family that’s sticks together… some people are just too lazy to find out who their cousins are and some are aware but don’t even recognize them but unlike them we recognize a huge part of our family… from cousins to 2nd and 3rd cousins and thank god that we all stick together like sisters and brothers. And it’s huge, from both sides I got 31 cousins. I love them all and they all love me too, I think so. Though we all live in different parts of the world at last we are connected by internet…  I am happy that I was born in a digital age with all these technologies.

When it comes to technology I really like to experiment things up like unscrewing my PC and checking inside it and breaking it and again rebuilding it… and unscrewing my bike and trying to figure out what’s inside it and it goes weirdly long and long… in doing that you get to learn a lot, see now I can fix my mobile without any help of my dad, Isn’t that great.

Like that there are some amazing talents in me like graffiti in everywhere, painting whatever, riding anything, gaming to the extreme, long distance swimming, guessing your thoughts, talking unstoppable and mentally reacting fast and slow and never getting panic since there is the light of hope and also I can figure out the size of bra wears by seeing it…. well that’s called a super power. With great powers come great responsibilities… by the way Spiderman’s uncle said that.

I am really really sad that my teeny teeny years are getting over in no time. But you all teeny teeny bloggers please please don’t treat me like an old pal. I am no grandpa yet,, surly I’ll match your expectations… surely I’ll wear pinky pinky T shirts and eat choco chocolates and try to keep my mind like a teeny teeny.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The First Year… was wowing

Blogger has gone down in past few months but let’s hope that it will rise back in no time. So this month it’s my blog anniversary, and in its first year I have posted total fifty posts. I think that’s enough for a year but this year I am gonna target around twenty five posts. Since there aren’t any excitements like the first year and also there are no many things to write, I will try to get something good and then after the final touches I will post it. It might take a month or a week, but I won’t be posting till something comes or forms up in my mind. My last post was a very different post than the posts I usually do. The last post was the 50th post so I want to make it a lil bit different, Coincidently the Bin Laden death story raised in the very same time so I just tried to focus on some great news’s of Osama Bin Laden.

Sometime back when I met Dhona she asked me “Hws life” and I said that it suks, in reply Dhona said that I am one person she knows who’s life is all time Fucked up. I laughed and then later on I noticed that yes it’s true, seriously I have created a sad image of myself mostly through my blog. But that’s the way how thing goes around most of the time but there is another side of a coin too.
Generally saying I am happy, I don’t have real sad stories, I am sad because the things never go the way I want it to go.

Well I am happy because I am being able to blog and that I have some fewer blog friends, I am happy that my family is wonderful and that I get enough of everything from them mostly freedom. Like that it goes long and long… I am happy to see ifa after four years hehe…

Sometimes people consider me as a sad person because I don’t get involved with them in major events such as barbeques, picnics and night fishing… I don’t like it, that’s why I don’t do it. It happens a lot, what I like people don’t like. I like jogging so I go for jogging but alone because no one likes it, I like blogging but none of my friend is interested in doing it. Jerry tried out blogging but hardly he posted two posts and then forgot. I read books in fact a dozens of books and I like to paint but everybody is bored to do it.  I got a very close friend called Farish; when I asked him he said that he hates blogging and moreover he will probably hate to read anything.

I have always been very different, the kind of cloths I wear and majorly my way of thinking… I set my watch upside down so the 12 is gonna be the 6 and 6 is gonna be the 12, and I wear it in my right wrist facing its head down. People ask me why? I said I like it that way… I use my mobile from left hand and always keep it in my left pocket and even I text from left hand but believe me I am not a lefty. I want to use my left hand equally to my right hand even my left leg… but I won’t be able to focus on both sides. But still if you can do that than it’s so easy in everything.

Hmm so this is the third day since I started to write this post… these days life is rolling backwards, I am writing this post from the same PC  I used to write my first post, sitting in the same chair in my aunt’s mobile shop. Don’t be confused, I said in a previous post that the idea of blogging came up to my mind in a rainy afternoon in Bangalore, India. That’s true and in fact I opened my blog in India but I posted when I was in Male’. 

My major aim is to open my own blog website and soon Insha Allah I’ll do that. It just takes few dollars per year and it easy to handle and you don’t have to be concerned about your blog contacts, they will be following you just the way we are following now, the only difference is gonna be that it will be your own website powered by blogger. In the mid of last year I tried to buy the name EFWALL.COM but it was already registered under some construction company, sad  so I am just figuring out a good name, or else you can suggest me a good URL.

Talking about my template… in my view its crocodile shit, seriously. When it comes to templates than it takes hours and hours of work to complete a good template so for now I am keeping it a lil bit edited till I get some good time to deal with it.  Dhona is very keen and very good in searching templates from the whole internet. Sometime back she suggested me some good ones, I tried them and tried to change the HTML the way I want it to be but at that time blogger was not updated but now in this very 2011 blogger has updated the site very well for guys like us. So I will try out the new stuffs too. And then the template will remain the same for the rest of the year because you know it’s no easy to be changing it every day and also I will be busy like hell in upcoming months.

So the recent update of my job is a shocking news… they announced and I applied for the job and along with me 100 people applied for the job. So its 101 people for just one post, hmmm seems like it’s gonna be tough.

My never ending classes are still going on and one lady in my class had ended my classes to rubbish by some amazing curves but I got to say I also have curves keke, I’ll leave her alone because she is not worth enough for a guy like me. So damn her and it’s time to study like a good mama’s boy… 

Friday, May 6, 2011

is he living in the moon ??

The most dangerous conspiracy file ever opened, the biggest man hunt ever done, and he is the most wanted man in human history. The leader and the founder of the most wanted gang Al-Qaeda. His face is known, his biography is known and he is living among us yet for more than a decade Osama Bin Laden has managed to evade the world’s greatest super powers.

There have been rumors about him since 9/11 and along with it there are some real stories. After not being heard of him for nine long years people started to believe that he is no more, yes it maybe true since there have been rumors about Bin Laden that he got kidney treatments in American hospital in UAE but there are no clear proof of it. In November 2001 Bin Laden was seen for the last time in public in eastern Afghanistan in Jalal Abad. “Hamid Mir” is the man who conducted the last interview of Bin Laden, as said by him, they gave him some pills to loose his stomach and he had to take hot water baths for 10 times and than he was blind folded and wrapped in a blanket. After several hours of driving “Hamid Mir” was rolled out in front of Bin Laden. When asked by “Hamid Mir” Bin Laden cleared that he was not suffering from any kidney decease and in fact that he can ride his horse for 70 kilometers without a stop and yes no kidney patient can do that. Since December 2001 there has been no verifiable sighting of Bin Laden. Super powers haven’t had eyes on Bin Laden over nine long years; he vanished from the face of earth.

“Tariq Saeed” an Pakistan observer said that his sources said that Bin Laden died in a natural death after developing a series of lung problems in the mid December of 2001 after the Tora Bora fights and that he was buried in the range of Tora Bora and about 30-40 people probably friends and bodyguards attended his funeral and as a tribute to Bin Laden hundreds of bullets was fired in the air but it is not proved till date.
“Tora Bora” is the old mountain Base of Osama Bin Laden, referring to Wikipedia In 2001, it was suspected to be in use by Al-Qaeda and the location of bin Laden's headquarters, variously described as a multi-storied cave complex harnessing hydroelectric power from mountain streams, or a lower-rise dwelling with hotel-like corridors capable of sheltering more than 1,000. It was also said to contain a large cache of ammunition, such as missiles left over from the 1980s.The outposts in use in 2001 were originally built by extending and shoring up natural caves, with the assistance of CIA in the early 1980s for use by “Mujahedeen” during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
Each and every video release of Bin Laden is examined for years in process intelligence tries to find the location by hearing the background sounds and by zooming out the background.  Referring to BBC conspiracy files it’s said that geologists were brought to find out the kind of rock Bin Laden was sitting and to detect the areas where those kinds of rocks are common moreover to detect the sound of a bird ethologists were brought so than it may lead to an area where these kinds of birds live. But no clues, the only usage of his video tapes are to get the message.
Abdel Bari Atwan being the only journalist to spend three days with Bin laden in Tora Bora said that Bin Laden holds a gun which he captured from a soviet general and he carries it as a sign of his heroism. After the collapse of Soviet Union Bin Laden lived freely in Sudan, in 1998 Bin Laden announced that he is going to fight against the unbelievers and the people against Islam. After few months two car bombs was blasted in Us embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. It is quoted as the hallmark of Al-Qaeda and for the first time in 1998 Bin Laden was put on the FBI top most wanted list. Referring to BBC conspiracy files after few months Us got the best intelligence about Bin Laden from human assets, but it wasn’t possible to shoot him due to a mosque next to the place where this incident took place.   
Refereeing to a book which I read “Osama, forming of a terrorist”, it mentions about a missile attack in somewhere in the Arab world, if I am not wrong then it was a factory and further it says that missile attacks was struck in that place on the basis of intelligence reports just few seconds after Bin Laden left the place. And he is grateful to Allah for saving him.
He is  between 6'4" and 6'6" (193– 198 cm) in height and weighing about 165 pounds (75 kg) fair Arab man born and raised in Saudi Arabia, he said to have been a fan of westerns but unlike his family members he never schooled in west. His father Muhammad Bin Laden is the favorite building contractor of Saudi King and probably the most famous building contractor in the Arab world. As mentioned in Wikipedia he obtained a degree in civil engineering or degree in public administration. In 1979 after leaving the college Bin Laden joined Abdullah Azzam and with him he left to Afghanistan to fight Soviet Union and lived in Peshawar for a recorded time of 10 years under the U.S. Presidents Carter and Reagan, the United States Central Intelligence Agency provided overt and covert financial aid, arms and training to Osama's Islamic jihad Mujahedeen through Operation Cyclone, and the Reagan Doctrine. President Reagan often praised the Mujahedeen as Afghanistan's "Freedom Fighters."
There are people who met Bin Laden and somehow he was in news in last nine years though there was no single clue about him. Many Pakistan journalists said that it is said by Al-Qaeda that Bin Laden is alive.
May 1, 2011 it was announced that Osama Bin Laden was shot dead. And it is said that facial recognition tests and genetic testing further supported Bin Laden’s identification and it is said that his body was taken out to the sea for burial. Till now there are no clear video or even a picture of this event.
By different Medias in different countries, when asked the people about his death, most of them said that he is alive…
A man, who evaded the greatest super powers in history, doesn’t seem to get shot in an easy game.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easier Said Than Done

I changed a lot but yet not enough, what will cost me to get it done? Standing on one cracked leg gives me a sick feeling about this entire thing called life. There are some, which is easier said than done.  Someone said it right for sure love is made in china so no warranty at all.

Day by day as we grow older together with us our thoughts grow in which there are some disturbing and annoying questions for which we have some answers and for which we die to get answers. But its constant and it cannot be changed. It’s hard to accept the truth of life but somehow we manage to pass from it. Everyday life brings us happiness and joy and within some seconds it is washed by our own tears. 

In past two decades “life” is the only thing that I couldn’t understand and it’s the only thing about which I couldn’t find any proper information from any dictionary.

Standing a business is an easy one if you have the guts to do it. The most difficult thing is to stand your dream, whatever we wish never comes true and whatever we wonder doesn’t even exist. So obviously in my perspective, to get what you want or simply chasing a dream is the most difficult thing to do. When I discussed this issue with some of my friends, they said for them Bill Gates is a lucky man to get all that money. I wish if there was “Al Saud” or “Bin Laden” right after my name, so then I will consider myself as lucky because if it was true then I will be a born billionaire. But Bill Gates is a self made multi billionaire standing tall with his own work; he turned his fortune the way he wants it to appear.

Some time back I read a book in which the author mansions about the wastage of time, in his view point, each and every thing that we do must be according to a schedule and it must be done for a purpose and furthermore someone really in a rush or thirsty for his dream, he should always be warned of his actions. He must make sure that each and everything he does must be focused on his dream. I tried to implement that thing but later on got lost in the new images of life but today again it reminds me of that book. He said it right there is no easy way to get it done, if you want then schedule your whole life according to your plan. To wake up in the early morning and to wash your own clothes and again to press it is no easy thing to do, but they have done it and thus they got the results.

A person try and keeps on trying but never get success, it’s not because he/she is not aware of success that’s because he/she couldn’t hold on the path of success. At first when I started to read all the success stories published by successors, there was a big smile on my face. I thought yeah here is the way and it’s so easy freaking bad but it never was. It’s easier said than done.

Nowadays I started to notice that this Casanova life has taken me a lil bit faraway from my dream. I promised myself to hold on it but it seems like I am flowing with the current to some unknown direction. I must forgo the chick for my dream, if no dream then no money so no honey.

Stand in the middle of the road and just wander around and you will see that everything is for sale, the question is, are you able to buy it?  If yes then the whole world is for you and even the stars. Yes, I am not fooling you, it is possible. Really living like a crocodile isn’t enough at all; we couldn’t even imagine where we will end up in twenty years.

In the mid of last year I thought of leaving male’ for some months or a year, I tried to shift myself to Srilanka so then I am gonna be alone. The major objective of this thought is to make myself alone. I want to take some responsibilities like washing my own plate and cleaning the whole place. I tried but that mission went on pending and meanwhile I got involved in some other stuff. Making myself alone is surely gonna change my life style, I am gonna be a very sharp-nil person on time and I will rise with the early morning sun, perhaps it will keep me focused on my dream.

Life is unpredictable! Now see, yesterday I was showing all my thirty something teeth out like a pomegranate because I got my bike but today that bike maintenance is a pain in my butt. I got thrown outta my job so dad cut down all my living allowance and now I am debited so badly. I don’t know what’s wrong with dad; he will kill me one day. And even he occupied my room and gave me a ghetto and said be happy, k that’s awesome. He intended to take my bike too but I warned him, I said ill kill myself. As I said for sure he will kill me, I don’t have to do it on my own. I am alive because grandpa is there, he loves me a lot so he said me to come over his house and over it he will pay me four thousand rufiyaa per month for just only living in grandpa house. Now that’s called love unlike the love my dad gives me.

There is an evil inside me which keeps ruining me badly. I know I got money for a purpose but the evil takes over me, I will wash all that money in coffees and I set out to bare the risk. Now that’s the thing I need throw outta me, if i want to survive. I really feel like that I need to grow a love for jobs. I need to be a job lover not a job fuker. And yeah while chasing the dream it is the only thing which will keep me active, mentally active and fit for the battles of tomorrow.

 So for now im setting my tie and im heading to office… because that’s the only option left for now. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

life mosaic

We buddies, jump around, roam around, flirt together, get caught together and then we laugh together…  Having a memorable time while playing basket in Friday evenings and riding around and around Male’ in Thursday nights are just amazing.  When we are together we’re just too good.

Well that’s happiness for us while for some people it’s an unanswered question.  Every night as we pass from the marine drive we see many people sitting in the dark side to fish… for me it’s boring but for them it’s awesome. While we ride through Male’ we see a lot of Romeo’s busy in dark spots, and what’s funny is they just finish all that no matter its road or not. Even there are some driving nuts in-between “Bajiya Gaa’s”. Anyway that’s the way they see happiness.  

Two days ago I rode an article named “Sex, the first priority of teens”. In that article they mentioned about the risk of sex in teens years and the side effects of it. They did a survey, they asked hundreds and hundreds of teens both male and female, 90% of them said that’s too old fashioned and even some girls asked “is it possible?”… That was a funny article. Practicing all this might be a late trend but not being aware of the consequences is called old fashioned.  Some time back I met a friend in tow yard. She was trying to do some hardcore’s over a “Bajiya Gaa” but got caught by police. So they took her and her Romeo to tow yard but again action replayed in tow yard…  Well that’s called trend setters XO

From up high Male’ might seem like a boring place but it’s funny to dig the place around…                         just to check the place you don’t have to do much just go near sea side and say there is a crocodile in the water. I guarantee within minutes the place will be mounted of crowds and national defense forces will clear the sea side just because somebody reported that there is a crock lolzzz.

My bro is also a funny guy, infact a rascal. One day he came out around morning seven, it happened to be Sunday but he thought its Friday so when he saw a innocent CHSE girl going to school he said “hei gal were r u goin, dontcha knw dat dis is Friday” the girl got surprised unfortunately there was a Islamic lecture going in the mosque and it sounded like Friday “Khuthbaa”. My bro again said “dontcha hear the Khuthbaa” this time the girl got confused and took a U turn and went straight to home keke,, my bro is a fool to think its Friday and the poor girl is also a fool to get fooled by a fool.

And yeah that reminded me of another funny story of a Romeo buddy, one night he went to his chicks house because she was angry, as he reached inside her room she said “prove me dat u luv me” so my buddy said “is dat al” and took the girl on his shoulders and started to do push-ups, in every push-up he said “I luv u 1, I luv u 2” like that he did 51 push-ups and said “I luv u 51 times” lol kekeke….…

 All these crazy people together make a Laugh My Ass Out session XO

Usually coffee shops are the places where these stories roll; sometimes we spent six, seven hours in every single coffee. Actually we must go there with a pillow to sleep over there.  Because we are never ready to come out of the place, it’s just awesome. When I sit over there I get to meet friends and new friends, so anybody who want to find me visit to my office           “Koffee Shops”.

 During all these I meet many girls but I never bring them home whether a friend or a girl friend. They ask me why and I say because my mom is never keen about it, again they say why and I say I don’t know maybe it’s not an Islamic thing that’s why… before I use to think about it a lot because I see many of my friends inviting hot chicks to home and their moms are always kewl about it and I wonder why my mom is so much anti. Only god knows….

Anyways I keep the rule since I don’t bring any home and now I am also trained like that, I feel ashamed of myself to show up with a chick. Surly mom is going to kill the chick :S. though I don’t show up, she is aware of my activities because Male’ is just too small and the family is just too big.

The best solution for this is to go with my field, to go to resort. So its gonna be bang bros time heehaa…

For now just a lil bit busy, and the brain is empty too , so signing off 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Buried in Dark

Its happy to know that I have a blog, its happy to know that there are people with whom I can share and its happy to know that there are some who follows me anonymously, I am happy to see the excel…  I still remember the day I officially open this blog on blogger. A decision took in a foggy rainy day in India, is appearing in front of my eyes as a blog, never thought it will survive in this tough competitive blogsphere but thank god and thank you all and especially Dhona for keeping it alive…  

As the blog rolls to complete its first year in blogsphere, there are bunch of things in my mind, and its finding its way to get out by updating this blog…
It’s a hard to find time and it’s hard to update a blog. Nowadays it’s kinda boring. No mood, to eat neither to sleep. I don’t know what is happening to me, nothing but the thought of a lady keeps roaming in my mind causing all these mess up in my schedules. And over it everybody is giving me pressure about this chick in a hard time like this. Some says bring her home and the others say invite her for a coffee. One says give me her Facebook id while the other says to show them a better look of this chick. I don’t know why, when everything is going wrong to wrong everybody is expecting huge things from me.

I can’t even remember the last time I reacted like a drunken Romeo, surly this is the first time in past eleven years I am experiencing something like this. I fear of this day and I am never so keen about forwarding a relationship into this much. But it happens, sadly. She isn’t giving me negative reactions but shortly describing, she is icy. I am invigorated for whatever since she got an ability to make me nervous and shivering, being able to give me a pale skin.

All these thoughts are surrounded by me when it’s dark. Olden memories and the sad days, and also the happiness are buried in the dark. Born and living in Male’ since childhood had made me sick of all these lights, but will miss the lights if it is not there infact I can’t sleep if there is no light. The major reason behind, me waking in the night is to go and sit by the seaside, to see the glittering stars in the dark sky and to feel the silence “and to smoke a bunch of cigarettes” though it’s a very bad habit. It’s just amazing…

But can’t imagine the way how the earth rotates, the sunrises for another day and with it the noise of “Pee Pee’s” by vehicles and people running side to side. Everybody with their own businesses and for me it’s time to sleep... can’t even remember the last time I saw the sun but for me it’s not a problem Insha Allah since I got a comfortable night life… 

Friday, February 18, 2011


Living in a society full of crap, living in a concrete jungle congested of crowd and polluted by vehicles. Yeah it’s all about Sin City.

The years when we were born was the years when all these drug issues arise so in our memories there is no such memory of a day we don’t see a drug addict as we called “Hakurah P” guy in front of our doors. Actually these people must be handled by waste management section. The point of their life is none but to wake and find a lil piece of white opium to survive the day. The most famous white Opium is the cheapest and the most D graded drug that have ever come into existence. Only blaming these people is also not a way, Opium Dealers is also a very huge part of this discussion. Usually this black opium market is a very profitable business and the people who try this out touch the skies within days, so the life style of these Dealers and their richness is encouraging the new borns to get involve in their business. Nowadays it seems like its legalized because we don’t see the government taking any action against them, yes sure they do catch them and drag them to bird tongue island resort. But the next day they will be released with no charges and the virus is active again in the society.  

The life styles of the new generation is highly influenced by these ways… how many gals do I know, who loved to hang out with this local dealers, how many gals do I know, who love their boy friend to smoke ganja, and how many gals do I know, who smoke all these… the generation is ruined. There seems no one to stop it, the more the people get involved in this the more money for their business.

One of my friend who was sitting in front of his door with no shirt, was suspected and checked and at last it was said to him that standing with a naked body is illegal in here, that thing really open my mind… what the heck is this people in huge uniforms doing in the road, they don’t see but we can see chicks roaming around showing their backs, bellies, and even their parts under their undergarments and also their missing spare parts too, Isn’t that illegal in here. This is an Islamic country but the citizens are given options to choose the right path or not. A person will be arrested if he/she practices Buddhism in here and yeah because this is a 100% Islamic country and that’s the way it must be. But the people are given options in choosing Islamic studies too, if this is an Islamic state why don’t they implement Islamic sharia in here, why don’t they tell the people to do good deeds and the ladies to wear burqa instead of body fit clothing. Why can’t they teach everybody Arabic… I do really want to know the meaning of surah fatiha too when iam reading it in every single rakat… but what can I say, the only thing in my mouth right now is there was no Arabic subject in my school. There were two or three Islamic schools in here, and any one against me will say this easily but I am asking, was there enough space in those schools to fit all the kids in there ??

None is concern about these issues. They just keeps encouraging the people to do it for them, in one way or another they will force the youth towards it… I know some youngsters who hate these viruses and live a cool life of their own, they do race, and they do graffiti and sports. But the thing goes like this if someone does graffiti in a public wall then get ready to spend the next five days in Bird Tongue Island.

So we don’t care about them, we break the rules for the sake of humanity and for a better life…

Since the last decade people have started a new trend of smoking Hash Oil and with it the market of it has grown widely. About ninety percentage of my class mates are now highly addicted to this and it is really sad. Sad but true that my biggest crush started smoking hash oil and she loves to see me smoking it, but there are very few youngsters like me who stands on a principle and left the lady to choose hell… sad but true that my best gals already finished two or three or even more abortions… they are ruins, they are incorrigible. 

If I had a physical relation then I won’t hesitate to take the consequences. They get involved in physical relations multiple times and when it’s the time to pay the price, they step back… they are gutless. If I did a crime and got busted then put me in jail, I won’t cry because I have the guts to spend a term even in jail… but thank god that I really never intend of such things, Police always keeps an eye on me and I don’t know how many times they have checked me and my house and even tracked my phone lines too. Maybe they think I am a dealer or a hacker, hehe but insha Allah the only way to keep me isolated is to catch me as a political prisoner as a revolutionist. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Breath Less

Doing nothing but just trying to do some new things like following special diets and jogging, and finally trying to quit smoking. Smoke is so good but it takes my breath away causing me to fell aside... that’s really bullshit but true. In the mid of last month I use to wake up in the early morning, I go to the joggers park and just sits in there to smoke while seeing people jogging side by side. It’s funny to see them doing different kinds of exercise which might be a very useful one or a useless one which they invented hehe… most of the steps they do are invented by their self, some do watch exercising programs and some do read eBooks based on exercises..  And some do dance like a thirsty cobra lolz

Actually I never ever thought of coming to Joggers Park with an intention to jog and to exercises but hell yaeh me too dancing like a thirsty cobra keke …

The first two, three days I felt very very shy, just like a lady but later on its k. it’s so irritating to see old pals leaving me behind and running fast like a full-fit man, they use to come every day so they are trained like that unlike us. But me too will be strong like a Rasta and will run faster than them…

Well that’s my hope but it’s painful so sometimes I use to go swimming instead of jogging but that also not so successful yet, no energy and no breath. Six years ago I was a member of swimming association of Maldives and I was so fast that we use to bet, and believe me I completed one thousand meters within an hour… every Friday we were given tasks to swim in between male’ and hulhule’… but now I have become a lazy dog… left behind in the end of the race, floating just like a dead body…

For now I am just swimming and jogging but within few months I will try Yoga and Meditation which is my favorite ones.