Monday, October 25, 2010

Hard Days

Still it makes me bemused every time I think about my life. “What’s the purpose of my life?” this question has been disturbing me for a while. Each and every day I ask myself these questions, “what’s my field?” “Am I on the right track?” There are tons of questions to be answered.

Job is the hardest thing I have come across in my life, any job I go, I find the place somehow not good. I put an effort and do my best but still it does not make any difference. After being employed in many companies today I realize that there are no perfect jobs, you need to survive somehow. In other hand I believe that you need to have an interest in your job to get the best results.

I think that’s a true belief, that’s the case with me, I haven’t found interest in any job and it is causing me to fail the job. At least to survive I need a job of my interest but where is that place?? What’s my interest?? Or maybe I don’t like jobs. To step forward to find my interest is going to be another risk. How many years will I waste in search of the right field?

At first when I started on my journey I never thought it will be a crisscrossing zigzag way. But still, the destination remains as same as yesterday …

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Whether it is dancing around the living room on a rainy day or singing along to radio, school-aged children love to listening to, and participating in, music. They are many good reasons why you should encourage this enthusiasm.

Research has shown that children who are actively involved in music (who play it or sing it regularly) benefit in many ways. They appear to do better in reading and are more likely to do better in maths and science because music helps build reasoning skills and cognitive development. One study demonstrated that students who were given keyboard training while also using maths software scored higher on maths and fractions tests than students who used the software alone. There is even evidence that children who are involved in music are more likely to go to college.

But don’t let the research cloud perhaps the best reason to encourage a love of music. It’s just plain fun. There are few things that children (and many adults) enjoy more than singing, dancing and listening to music.

Listening to a wide variety of music improves a child’s ability to analyze and comprehend it. The early years of primary education are the perfect time to expose your child to everything from classical music to pop. Most very young children are open to experiencing a wide range of musical styles; at eight years old children start to prefer popular music. Studies has also shown that children aged nine and above prefer music with a faster tempo – so get ready to rock and roll if your child is approaching that age.