Wednesday, January 26, 2011

lonely author

Well blogger seems very down in this recent year but hopefully we all will unite. The funniest thing about my blog is that it keeps updating even though there is no readers lols.  That’s because when all readers return they will get to read my previous thoughts… :-)

This time my heart robber is a chick who sits just next to me in class; she comes from abroad and talks in very fluent English. Her curves are just to die for and her nose just seems like a nippy. The first day I was thinking about her belly, so slim. Wonder how the digestive system fits in her stomach… the first class passed away while I was just busy in researching her belly… I said my bike curves are amazing and is ready to shine… she said then it’ll suit her :-D

Ooh lets highlight the top news, I saw heart breaker… that lady who tattooed a heart in her neck,,, I pressed the breaks so hard causing some weird noise and a black line in majeedee road. Well guess after a death defying stunt this beauty disappears in a shopping mall… but I went inside the crowd acting like a busy shopper and finally the night ended finishing all my money in a stupid mall for no reason but to follow a wild lady… by the way this luv story started eight years ago causing a crack in my heart…

No worries, the villain never dies and there will be a payback time heeehaaa

Okay back to class, tonight when the class was over teacher called me and said to drop him home so I went with him in a nice way. Later on teacher asks me whether I am trying on this curvy lady, I said no but he said its okay and started to tell me about his 1950’s love stories, I must say that I have never seen so romantic teacher lol…

These days things are happening in such funny ways… 

Monday, January 10, 2011

weird feelings

Well chasing down a dream is the hardest thing I have ever faced. For more than two years I have been fully involved in this but yet cant countdown the miles ahead. As I walk step by step the roads seems opening its ways from the dusty fog. Every day every night, I try, I try, I try my best but writing a post seems harder than ever.  Can’t find an easy way to give-up, neither do I want it to happen. Focusing on my computer I see my blog as the only hope which might get me in trouble too but we shall think wiser than ever before. Risk is the way that lead us to win, and as you know shutting my mouth isn’t gonna be a easy job… keke

An august summer night soldiers passing by is an old lyrics that my grandpa used to sing... So let’s step to step and head to a new decade. Well that was past and hope not to talk about the lady who rejected me and tattooed a heart in her neck in the means of modesty… even though still my heart dhak dhak,s for her….

My interesting classes started today, insha Allah its gonna be more than wonderful, and I’ll just  be eating the books as I have been doing it, but all those hard work, to take the paper in the stomach  is worth enough for the results I get to see…

Last year was a really frightful year with uncountable fights with my friends, and there was the biggest fight ever, friendship came to a full stop… I wasn’t aware of him for almost eight months but finally reunited again with a new sentence. The major problem in our friendship is that we both are two different people from two different worlds. His views and my views never come to same point. I am pretty much cool about it but he doesn’t know how to respect others feelings and views.

This year I am hoping to improve my guitar skills to a level where I can compose my own music… I am really curios about it because nowadays I am having a weird feeling… whenever I try to play the rhythm of mind, I fail. My fingers doesn’t work the way I want it to work… so will concentrate on that note.