Tuesday, August 17, 2010

feel like an old pal.

Loneliness is a Part … Don’t know what’s on my mind. Friends are not in reach neither family is in reach. Kind of lonely days has over shadowed my views.

But nowadays I don’t get time to think about all these, I am too busy in running, side to side. Jus want to get a relief in a better condition. Sometimes feel scared to face new things, but can’t escape, somehow have to take the task. I have got something from this struggling life but still want to learn more.

If I could not achieve what I expected than I will regret for it, for the rest of my story. Time is running so fast making me old day by day.

Today when I go facebook I see kids from 1995, while chatting with them I feel like an old pal.

Ramadan has always been a memorable month

Ramadan has always been a memorable month and Insha Allah will be a memorable month. May Allah give good hidhayath to you all and show you the right path. And may Allah forgive us for the things we see and hear every day. May Allah give a veil to all those ladies who don’t wear burqa during the holy month of Ramadan, and may Allah give you all a good knowledge of Islam.
Ramadan Mubarak …

There were times, we also hide and eat, to whom you must hide, is the one from whom you cannot hide. He is the one who made you and he is the one who will call you back.

“Thabaraksmu Rabikazil Jalaali Val Ikraam” Glorious Quran, Sura Ah Rahman, Verse no: 78

“Blessed be the name of thy Lord, Full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour.”

Monday, August 16, 2010

The 1st Page Of My 1st Story

Once upon a time in new Mexico there was girl called Leila, she was a 22 year old young lady in nursing college, haring slow rhythmic music, and reading knowledgeable books were her hobbies. For her love was very strait and simple, she was not that kind of girl who believes in fairy tales, she believes in reality and she believed that love can happen any time but if you don’t want to take it further you can just forget about it, she learned that even if you are kept alone with your enemy for a long while then you will care about him, you will love him… she was not in search of Mr. Perfect. Few years back Since she entered the nursing college she had 6 or 7 affairs, but she don’t take those things so seriously it’s just like a vacation, one comes and one goes out… simple. It was in last year when her parents gave her a vacation to spend her holidays in United Arab Emirates.
UAE was a beautiful place and by the time the best tourism spot in the planet. As she landed in Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, she was amazed to see the luxury of the airport. Her dad had already done her reservation in Hotel Al Arab so there was three tour guides to receive her in airport… within an half an hour they reached to Hotel Al Arab. Her mouth was easily opening when she saw the sights of the most precious hotel in the world. She reached to main counter and the reception lady handed her the key of her room, her luggages was already delivered to her room so slowly she started to walk while viewing the interior of the place… as she reached to her room she saw a dashing guy with a little beard, wearing everything in black expect a white scarf on her neck. The guy happened to come across her, face to face but he just gave a nice smile and went, Leila was dazzled by his charm and was watching him until he went out of her sight.
Not wasting any time, Leila went to reception and asked about this guy, who just now passed across her. From the reception she got to know that the guy was staying just next to her room. That night she was thinking about this guy, it was not love at first sight, it’s just because Leila wanted to have a relationship with this guy. At least she got something new to do in Dubai. The next morning she went for a walk around the place as she noticed a black Ferrari car entering the hotel, the car passed nearby her and stopped at the main entrance of the hotel, the door opened and a guy came out of the car as she saw him she noticed, that was the guy who she saw yesterday. She was thinking and said in a low voice “this guy seems like an agent or a secretive detective”. This time she went direct behind him and followed him to his room, as he reached his room he watch his back and he saw Leila.
“Hello, I am Leila” she said,
The guy smiled and said “Oh! I am Tolal, Nice to meet you”.
Leila said “I am staying right next to your room, why don’t you join me for a cup of Coffee”.
He said “Oh! No Thanks! I just finished a coffee, next time”,
He was totally a different guy then others, Leila new it’s not easy to get him in hand. Leila knew that a lady couldn’t impress this guy easily because he must be having hundreds of ladies after him. But Leila insisted
“come on’ at least you can just sit with me and chat a little bit”.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

She is not my classmate neither she is my friend or someone I know…

it was in last December, I was sitting in male international airport ferry when I saw a chocolate brown girl in black, she had black hair in a loose cut style and she was wearing a big silver earring and had a nice dimple on her cheek. She was with her sister and mom.

I tried to avoid her but my eyes had already locked the target, I got lucky 15 minutes to see her face very clearly and then as her feet touched the airport she disappeared. I was sad because I thought she was embarking and maybe I won’t see her again in my life time, but it was co incidence over co incidence or it was just luck that I saw her in airport café, I was happy to knew that she wasn’t embarking she just came to embark her mom.

How sweet it was, she and her sis was sitting next to my table but before I grab my food they left, I ran out of the café to see her but I lost them again. After a while again I saw her in the ferry, this time I was ready to run like a horse after them. As we reached male’ they started walking and I also started walking behind them , definitely they will notice me now because I have been following her for past an hour so they noticed me and changed their root but this time I preferred to walk on my root. I have seen her face and within an hour with the help of my networks I have known her name and school.

Only God knows what was going to happen next, her root and my root ended up in the same position, face to face. I said “O God, is this a miracle”.