Friday, July 22, 2011

time to fast n fast

So another damn month passed leaving us in front of holy Ramadan… 
so in advance Ramadan Mubarak to you all...
It wasn’t cool, in fact I was kinda freezing to ride in the rain with dhona, for dhona it was “ I lurv it “ and for me it was “ damn shit “, but it was nice, it was a whole new experience and felt like I’ve been missing a fun part of my life, damn shit was pretty good at last =)

So these days are going pretty well and I lost some and got some, i got a new lap and a iphone, I got my bike engineered like a rocket and much more. Dad has really proved himself as “Al Saud” by pouring that much money over me, long last my dad =)

This post is actually to announce that i'll be trying to mess up a kitchen in Ramadan so now I am not promising for it but ill show up with some stuff like that.  I know how to cook but I’m not a cook so it’ll be hard but I’ll try. If that doesn’t work out than maybe I can show you some beverage magic, I studied in hotel school. So look forward for it…

I can see that my blog stats are very low these days obviously coz I spend one half of my time in facebook. But no worries soon ill be back in touch. And yeah I met some blog mates during this month, some rejected my facebook requests, my bad anyway I was going on the road and somebody caught my eyes so I came round again to see her and it was Aliya, that was the 4th time I saw her on the road. I even met Amal on facebook and she was kinda sweet… One blogger even came up to my coffee table and was roaming around the table for a while probably coz she don’t know my name and she was waiting till I recognize her, at last she came to me and said in a weird voice… keke 

so cya all u luvly ppl in Ramadan =)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Chicks wit Syringes

There are white and neat, they are educated and modern. , and the people who does the job they are very kind in all aspects but there are evil ones too, I can still remember a carless nurse who injected a injection to a wrong nerve and my friend was behaving like a monkey. But that’s like once in a blue moon night if saying in Dhona’s word keke.

Since the kiddy days the only interests left in my mind was Harley Davidson Bikes and Lady Doc’s, saying frankly not only doc’s but girls who choose a career in some active way like Engineering. Somehow I find them very interesting. Their level of thinking and their way of living is just Unmatchable. At this age it’s very hard to find girls from that category as most of the doc’s and engineers are over 27, the girls in my batch they are just on their way with their studies so there are several years to wait.

Last month I got a cut under my foot and later on the wound got infected so the doc had to do a lil operation with my foot and it was paining like hell. That’s why I am pretty much welcomed in hospital to change my bandage. It’s like a new season with people wearing white, if hospital rent rooms for visitors than I am gonna be the first one to rent a room over there to get the hospitality and to make friends from one of the above categories.

For me it’s a whole new experience of hospitals coz I never had to step inside an ambulance. Thank God I was a very healthy kid, in my life just only 2 or 3 times I had to go to the doc but I am not used to it therefore the nurse in charge of me had to call my mom to inject me a tetanus injection, ouch.

Though it pains its awesome to step inside hospitals to see hot kind doctors who treat me just like mom and I love them. Its just the lil syringe im afraid of. In the end of last year a friend call me and asked to donate some blood for her sister so i said yes since it was a good deed and i was trying to fresh my blood. But unluckily as i saw the syringe i got scared causing the flow in my blood thus the whole mission failed. Poor me and poor kid, 

All these girls with syringes, they used to eat healthy food and do yoga and etc... I guess that's the reason why they have smooth skin and perfect body language, even better than models.