Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011's Eve

So it’s another year…

During this whole year 2010 I have been so much busy with my work that I didn’t even realize the way how days passed. There weren’t many things to do but wake up and work, and it is something that everybody does and it remains same for everybody. Anyway it was a memorable year with some unforgettable memories and new experiences. 

The fun time coffee’s and night time bike rides and day time walks were a wonderful joy.  And the vivacious classes that I took, makes this year a very special year. In the beginning of the year as I mentioned in a previous post, it was a boring year but ended with a nice memorable touch …

As Divya said in her post, New Year reminds us of our school days. I was always curious to know about the higher grades because I was someone who was desperately curious to see the school end. But that day really suck, missed the school. Still  remember the first day of school, I will buy new books and design it with my favorite touches and for about a month I will try and write my best handwriting in my books and there were times when I don’t take notes on my book in the thought of that it might be gross…  The first day new hot teachers will come and it was a fun time, they will ask names and introduction from students and it goes on and on, but sad I didn’t had that opportunity for introduction as I was famous all over the school as a nutt head lolz…

But somehow those new freshly days was not so good as I always feel very uncomfortable to be sitting with new students but as the year rolls they become friends and buddies and more then that …

Well there are some weird plans for the new year 2011 and hopefully will be updating the blog as much as possible but i know i will get so much involved in the new images that i will find  it very hard to update my blog but i will. As the new year start i will try and find some chilling and optimistic readers who can criticize my blog badly hehe... 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Around Us

i dont know what is wrong with me i just dont like parties and shows and all those stuffs ... my friends hate me for that but i just hate to be sitting in a boring show ... in this very moment i am sitting in a loud music show where every body is doing nothing but just dancing like "no body's business",, lols

In here in Maldives there are many talented people who have excelled  fame in various ways. But really sad that most of them are not honored with as much as respect given to a real super star. Sad but true that our celebs are all over the place in roads in shops and even they are seen in fish market, but that's how it has been rolling in here, as Male' is a congested place so it is something very usual. I think the real problem is us, we dont really think about those, We dont show them enough respect and on other side they dont behave like a celeb. As a result their value goes down and there are offered a lil price, which is not enough to live a life of a celebrity.

Tonight here with me is a very young and talented singer in Maldives, i wont mention the name. He has been hired for a show tonight in here. So now i can see there he is rocking the people with some Tadadada songs, nice i really like him and wish him a good career.

Being famous is a very hard thing but maintaining that fame is a more harder task. Real stars are not seen around and there are people ready to die just to see an image of them because of their limited appearances. When we see Oscars and many awards, we see many celebs but hardly we find somebody like Johnny depp and that is the reason why they ranks at the top, they are the real expensive mega stars. But remember sleeping all day without going out isn't the way to win the fame, do something that catch the eye balls. If you succeeded in doing that then sleep as i said your value will touch the skies.

I really want to see Maldivian films reaching to international platforms but i dont think i will see it in my life time, looking at their achievements till date. Major cause in here is copying and imitating. Now its kinda tradition in here but hats of to all those youngsters who are trying their own music. i think the government must encourage them to create their own art by Building a specific school.

During all these things there are stars who can be called stars, stars who created there own music and some released it in over seas. There are the ones and feel proud of them for the great work they have done.


So Tadadada ...keke
for a long time this celeb story has been roaming in my mind
tonight when i saw a celeb then just thought of posting...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Living Forever Young

Since Ancient time people have tried more and more ways to stay young and some has even succeeded in doing that.  “Samaidha Bin Qatra” the chief and command of the followers of Ismail lived for a recorded time of four hundred years by eating only garlic and honey, onion and etc… Recent people just don’t get a life time of even hundred years.

I am not old but I can see many and many and more and more trying Special diets and appointments with beauticians. But I think the best way is just to keep smiling forever, as I can see many of my Old friends just lives like a twenty one year old kid, they like to do whatever we do, they kick they jump and they run with us, just don’t feel like they are twenty five years older than us. That’s also a sort of youngness and in my opinion the most important point of this heading, it’s called youngness of mind. We see Old pals but look like younger than us but once you get along with them there is a difference, they are left behind with the time; their minds are not upgraded like their face…

I know a forty five years old guy who uses to be my boss before but now he is just a very good friend, and actually he inspired me to this post. He is a cool guy who wears jeans and T shirts like the youngsters. A guy totally far more civilized than us youngsters. He like I pods and I phones and the latest bikes, and he is yet just too good for girls.

Monday, December 13, 2010


I started dreaming in my childhood, since then i have been planing and dreaming of my master piece plan. Everyday i pray for the sake of my dream, that all goes well. It was a huge dream, from which some has come true and some are there yet to be accomplished. According to my plan, i got a cell phone when i was twelve and i got my own apartment when i was seventeen, and Alhamdhulillah that today when i am nineteen i am sitting over my motorbike. Insha Allah looking forward to my business before twenty two...

The greatest pleasure for me will be a pilgrimage to Mecca, shortly performing a Hajj before i am twenty seven. Usually we see old people going Hajj, thats the view here in Maldives but surly not in Saudi Arabia where lil kids also use to perform Hajj with their parents. Many of my friends have already done a Umrah in Saudi Arabia. Not like they are very good boys, surly because of the richness of their fathers ... Anyways that is their fortune and their destiny... why should i cry over mine when Allah has offered me everything. i don't blame god for anything, whatever i face today is the bad deeds of mine or my four fathers. People don't save money and they get thrown at the road, yet they blame god. why??

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Impressive Lady who shocked me ...

Smoking ladies are a bit different from the usual ones we see roaming around, in a way we don't have the rights to stop them because it is something practiced by us males too. During the last decade the percentage of smoking females here in Maldives have mounted from 6 percent to more then 30 percent. All though it remains as a strange thing to us Maldivians. 

Yesterday i was sitting in my job site when i saw a very famous female Tv presenter walking toward me, she came and sat next to my table with a guy. After a while the guy started smoking and the lady was feeling very uncomfortable about it. It was the first time i saw this lady and she was beautiful like hell, from the way she reacted to smoke i was pretty much sure that she was a very good girl.  But the story went like this, the next day     i saw this beautiful lady finishing a Sheesha without a breath... now that was something really unexpected.
I said to my self, get going babe.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

B Town

There were times when there was frustrating classical's in films, there were films made on no story...and there were actors who only works for money, but nowadays i think the trend has changed a lot, More likely after Aamir khan decided to do one film at a time, he was criticized and was told that he was doing a mistake but later on the whole industry came into his view point and started to think of better. An actor must always try to bring cultivating and unforgeable films to the audience rather than sighing any film which is offered to them, actors must not be someone ready to do anything for money...

During the mid nineties actors don't even hear the script, they just sign and do what ever the director says. Good boys but what if the director is fooling you. Happy to know that today's new generation of actors really do get concern about the script and keeps reading it for ours. It was a trend set by Aamir, he is known as one of the most famous method actors of all times. Recently he was invited to Buckingham place for a dinner with prince Charles. Aamir was born as a director but later on on he thought of facing the camera. since 1988 he has been active as an actor and he completed his biggest dream after 20 longs years of acting, he directed his own movie and at the same time he acted in it, the film was "Taare Zameen Par" and it was considered as the best film of 2007 all around the world.

He had the courage to prove himself and he has proved it by acting in the biggest commercial success of India "3 Idiots". Looking at his past, in past 15 years there have been no flop films of him and he ranks at the top with a record of delivering 8 Blockbusters in a decade. He was the first Indian to be invited on Oscars more than twice, thrice. Meanwhile the remaining khan, Srk's only 1 film was nominated to Oscars. Aamir did sing in his films and he did wrote his own scripts and he directed them and produced them and as well as acted in them. And after all this he is named as Mr.Perfectionist. Aamir khan has always proved himself as a film lover more than a hired actor and it proves from the death defying stunt he performed in "Ghulam" by running towards a train at the speed  of 40-50km per hour. During the stunt everybody thought Aamir was dead but he jumps of the track and he miss the train by a second while the train touched his T shirt.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My way of Blogging

After blogging for almost a year i have seen many people who do write their daily schedules in their blogs. The places they went and the things that came across them, and there are many who use blogs as a mean of publishing there art works, i know i have also published an art work of mine at the header but probably that is not the way i use my blog..

When i think of doing it i think twice, i don't share my daily schedules and neither i use my blog as a diary, everytime i post i think about the readers from all around the world. I don't name places and people unless they are international and recognized by all. Suppose i am writing about a stupid guy working at the shop next to my door, then its a post for the people who knows the guy and for the people who knows this place, imagine a guy from america reading out my post and stops at a  certain point where i mention a place called "Dharubaaruge". So based on all these i start to write my posts and i don't mean to write, express. There are specific times to write, many people has been noticing that, most of my posts are published in midnight.

I love midnight because of the peace and harmony, its just wonderful to see a silent town. In the dark when its silent i sit infront of my PC and lay my hands on the keyboard, i let my subconscious mind to connect with my hands. My hands will contact with my subconscious mind for a while... and then the post is finished...

I don't post in various occasions, it depends on my mood. In my blog i have some posts which i finished within a month, it just took long, there were something going on my mind and it took me a month to slowly slowly to paste it on paper. When my posts are published i really don't like my family reading it, when the post is considered as past then its okay. I dont usually tell them about my blog, and my friends too, Last time i posted a live story and called my friend, i said to check on it but he said thats crap and he didn't even checked on my blog. I was sad but later on i felt happy about it, thank God that they are not aware of my intentions which i post on my blog.

I have noticed that many of you don't like the way i write, thats okay. See now you will be thinking it because the way i just now wrote K and Cox in their long form okay and because. I can still imagine the expression on a friend's face when i said ROFLLAMO. So better to write in something that everybody knows and if you don't know English what the hell are you doing in my blog, you are not being able to read what i write so i better put an indicator in the sidebar.

I came to blogger to open my mind in a wider range, and during this i love to check on peoples blog because thats the only place where you don't have to knock before you enter. I really like and would like to know the way how people think and that is the reason why i check on peoples blog. I do comment though people comment me back or not because i am very keen about giving feedback. Many of us don't like to follow but i don't feel like that, and its very easy for me to check on everybody's posts while remaining in my dashboard. After updating an post it is such an a hard thing for me to be writing 'Updated" in everybody's blog, rarely i do that, and it took me a lots of courage to write it, i wont do it until  i feel the person lil bit friendly...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Its a Pain

Today my hair is just like a hive, wonder bees around my head,
Inspired from Divya just thought of posting about few things that gives me a pain..

 I don't know whats wrong with my hair its not curly neither wavy... how to name it, my hair does not fit into any category. My feet too, out of order, its too big, i cant even find a good boot for me. During my school days it was so hard to find a boot for me, and my mom will be confused about me.

Since i started to remember i was the hugest student in my class.. it was something adopted from my family, all my family members are usually huger than the normal people around us. but believe me it is a pain. Mom always had dead kinda hair and she has golden brown eyes, i think it is the reason why i am having that kinda hair and brown eyes. My dad is huge and his feet is huge too thats why i am huge and my feet is out of order. But after all my face is unique even though it is an assembled face. 

When i entered to football i really had a hard time with my boots, most of the shops here in Male' offers small boots which is specialized for the normal people around. I was left with no alternative but to play in a double size smaller boot and it caused me to loose my Nails, ooh it was paining.. but still never gave up. but gave up the nails for football. Later on i had to order boots from other countries, just had to sit back in home until my boot arrives. After finishing the school never had to face that problem because boots was no more a daily obligation, but now also i wear boots which i brought from India and Srilanka. But it wasn't over... i tried to grow my hair longer, no matter how hard i try it remains as a hive ...