Monday, October 25, 2010

Hard Days

Still it makes me bemused every time I think about my life. “What’s the purpose of my life?” this question has been disturbing me for a while. Each and every day I ask myself these questions, “what’s my field?” “Am I on the right track?” There are tons of questions to be answered.

Job is the hardest thing I have come across in my life, any job I go, I find the place somehow not good. I put an effort and do my best but still it does not make any difference. After being employed in many companies today I realize that there are no perfect jobs, you need to survive somehow. In other hand I believe that you need to have an interest in your job to get the best results.

I think that’s a true belief, that’s the case with me, I haven’t found interest in any job and it is causing me to fail the job. At least to survive I need a job of my interest but where is that place?? What’s my interest?? Or maybe I don’t like jobs. To step forward to find my interest is going to be another risk. How many years will I waste in search of the right field?

At first when I started on my journey I never thought it will be a crisscrossing zigzag way. But still, the destination remains as same as yesterday …


  1. UR rite .. if u dun have interest in a particular job then u probably cant do it well .. but why duncha try out sumthing whut u havn't yet ?? or else u can jus try and adjust with one job and try to like it ..ehhe .. well gudluck with that . ..

  2. keke ,,, i think ur ryt dhon .. mayb i must try that, someday ill like it dhw ...XD