Friday, July 22, 2011

time to fast n fast

So another damn month passed leaving us in front of holy Ramadan… 
so in advance Ramadan Mubarak to you all...
It wasn’t cool, in fact I was kinda freezing to ride in the rain with dhona, for dhona it was “ I lurv it “ and for me it was “ damn shit “, but it was nice, it was a whole new experience and felt like I’ve been missing a fun part of my life, damn shit was pretty good at last =)

So these days are going pretty well and I lost some and got some, i got a new lap and a iphone, I got my bike engineered like a rocket and much more. Dad has really proved himself as “Al Saud” by pouring that much money over me, long last my dad =)

This post is actually to announce that i'll be trying to mess up a kitchen in Ramadan so now I am not promising for it but ill show up with some stuff like that.  I know how to cook but I’m not a cook so it’ll be hard but I’ll try. If that doesn’t work out than maybe I can show you some beverage magic, I studied in hotel school. So look forward for it…

I can see that my blog stats are very low these days obviously coz I spend one half of my time in facebook. But no worries soon ill be back in touch. And yeah I met some blog mates during this month, some rejected my facebook requests, my bad anyway I was going on the road and somebody caught my eyes so I came round again to see her and it was Aliya, that was the 4th time I saw her on the road. I even met Amal on facebook and she was kinda sweet… One blogger even came up to my coffee table and was roaming around the table for a while probably coz she don’t know my name and she was waiting till I recognize her, at last she came to me and said in a weird voice… keke 

so cya all u luvly ppl in Ramadan =)


  1., July 25, 2011

    why dont u right about me.. dont u met me... :(

  2. keke... jus forgot about you man,,
    dontcha worry will write about you...

  3. that was a damn fun nite ..and see it finnally turned out too good for u too .. it was an amaxing evening .. rain + bike rides = fun

  4. yhh... it was wowowowsum keke

  5. Ramadan Mubarak to you! :D Have a good month! :)

    Oh btw, sucks that you don't have a chatbox. :P
    Btw, updated. ;)

  6. to check out a blog its very necessary to check down to its footer, nw c u missed my chat box... its in the footer =P

    yh Ramadan Mubarak =)