Monday, August 1, 2011

how it is

Day before yesterday I found the mosque empty but once its Ramadan, the mosque is overflowing with people… for some people god appears only in Ramadan. As soon as the Ramadan is over, the wisdom is gone and they are back on their way. I think they’re trying that out just because the sheikhs are willing them to do it. Okay I do believe that Ramadan is a holy month and a month of worship but the remedy of obligatory prayers and the remedy of Ramadan fast are totally different. The obligatory prayers are not just meant for Ramadan, there are daily 5 prayers whether it’s Ramadan or not.

Well that was about some people and then let’s see others, a guy sleeps from morning 6 to evening 3 or 4pm and still claims himself to be fasting.  That’s a good one but probably there are trying to skip the hunger of fasting.  Nowadays there is another good way of fasting by facebook. No prayers no deeds just facebook till maqrib.

It’s sad that most of us are seeing this holy month from a very weird perspective. It’s not a month of fun, it’s not a month of food it’s a month to keep in touch with god like the way he accompanies you to everywhere. Mostly house wife’s are just too busy in cooking and hardly finds a time to face “qibla”. I’m not saying about all of them its jus some of them, anyhow that’s really sad. The way how a wife’s duty is to feed the husband in the same manner there are duties for the husband too, he should allow and moreover advice his wife to the righteous path.

Sad some just break their fast like nothing by eating or by doing something weird. It’s not about the community, why do people hide and eat? I can still remember the times we eat; we don’t care for the people because there is a one accounting our life. I ask forgiveness from my god and I seek refuge from him to all my past sins.

As the sun goes down and when it’s the time for the cool breeze of evening, you will notice thousands of people riding in their bikes with their girlfriends or in other words their lovers… we all know that a open relationship without marriage is not allowed in Islam as far as I know, there might be some internet Islamic preachers who might ignore the fact. It is also said that a non related women and a man should be spoken in public with a distance in between them, so I don’t understand how people ride with their lovers on bike, hugging each other and like always girls pressing their boobs against the back of their so called boyfriends, yet they claim their self to be fasting. Umm are we that much D graded to have sex on bike? Now I don’t need to answer that, verily Allah knows the best.

Let’s not forget about the damn hot girls who just waste our fast to nothing by roaming half naked in the road. Actually it’s not that they are too bad, it’s just because they are trained like that. They have been wearing all these miniskirts and body fit clothing since they started to remember and when some of these girls decide to wear burqa still they cant help it thus they are out in the road with a burqa and a skinny jeans along with a white transparent shirt. So that’s the way how it goes but remember the whole community needs to be responsible for them. It’s none of our business but we must advice over what they are doing. Who knows some of them just turns to right path within days while some just straight to the path of fire.  May Allah forgive them all…

“Rabbanaa Aathina Fihdhunya Hasnathan Vafil Aahirathi Hasanathan Vagina Azaabah Naar “ It’s a dua for you and for me =)


  1. I was thinking about blogging about the same exact thing. :P hehhe. Great minds think alike eh? Anyhow, You should know that I agree completely. :)

  2. Agree with what you said..but WHO CARES!!!

    Its like Praying comes first then zakath and then Fasting..So you skip the pray and zakath and you are fasting...!!

    and yeah...i think should create a virtual mosque in FB and twitter..hehe..

    and about the house wife..its sad misconception we all have been following...and they cook the food for like entire much wastage..

    Riding is the only option for the youth they go out..including family..these days i dont see much couples at that time...may be cox there are guys all over..

    so about your last paragraph "thiyabai meehun ge belun tha thirikuraashe.." keke..

    nice post and its the truth about our community..cheeers...

  3. @ falho =

    ur great hehe... we do hav many in common,

    @ xefrox =

    yh thats a funny question Whu Cares?? keke...

    i do agree wit u we shud create a virtual mosque for these social networks,,

    its really sad that many of us mix the culture with religion... thus misconceptions arise.

    nop there are couples but some people don recognize cox they are following the saying "thiyabai meehun ge belun tha thirikuraashe.."
    keke lolzzZ

    man that was a lovely comment from you =)
    really looking forward

  4. absolutely true.. i am glad to heard this from u
    shall i ask u something..!!
    why do we have to be hunger in ramazan time...

  5. miee roadha aa suvaalutha ??

    yh i knw y we nyd to fyl the hunger,, to fyl the hunger of the people whu r dying out there everyday...

    nd thanks for the cmmnt ... =)

  6. assu ingey tha Febu ... i completely agree every single bit of this post .. abhadhuves mi topic ah kuran dho dhona huhnany ... nuvefa ..ehehe

  7. keke... febu !!

    ur jus great dhon... n yh visnaa varah vureh type kuraale avas veema
    post reality akah vaany =P

    thanks for the cmmnt <3

  8. Wow, quite a bit of a rant here I see. ;) Valid and important points, but we Muslims must also remember that everyone struggles with their faith. Not everyone will see the light at the exact time, the exact amount. We are imperfect and no one knows what goes on internally. It's best not to judge based on what someone is wearing. The fact that a girl decides to even wear a headscarf regardless of the tight clothing maybe a big step for her [considering some of us may not have been the most modest dressers in the past]. Also, I think most people are aware of at least the basic principles of Islam i.e what is wrong and what is right. Some people may not realise and others just simply go at their own pace.

    Anyway, great post. :)

  9. @ haiko

    im not judging,, i haven't declared a statement against them saying that they are companions of fire... i said that they are wasting our fast to nothing...

    suppose that somebody is eating infront of me in the mid of ramadan and am i supposed to say "bro... i don wanna judge,, its all about u n ur iman" hehe,, surly there are hints and signs and facts based on it i tend to say "bro... your fast is wasted to nothing" keke

    no one knows what goes on internally,, Verily Allah knows the best. and Allah says about many types of human beings and about there behavior in the holy Quran.

    May Allah forgive us all and lead us to jannah.

    thanks for the cmmnt,,
    really forward

  10. Wow ! Really Cool !! Actually These Kindah Things Should Be More . . . Most People Dont Care About These Things and Thinks That It's Just a Small little Things. . . Which Is Actually Not . . So Really Cool To See These Kind Of Posts . . And M Really Glad To Know That There Is Some Youths Who Cares About These Things. . . Looking Foward To See More Cool Posts From You !

  11. thank you tuppi girl

    nd yeah there are some youths like me,,
    im just a bug in the elephants ear thats all...

    looking really forward

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