Monday, July 12, 2010

Knowledge ... !

I know that my blog archives are always with a sad story… people will think that I don’t know how to express happiness…
he he … somehow true.
Most of the time my pen works when I am sad … I don’t know why but when I am happy there is nothing in my mind.
Today I am not sad so as usual there are no great stories in my mind … so let’s just share some general knowledge.

People said that the earth was in the shape of a football. But the glorious Quran says that the earth is in the shape of an ostrich egg … means not exact round.
Yesterday’s science doesn’t believe in this theory. But today when the science is advanced we know that it is true.
The theory written in the glorious Quran is the absolute truth.
Today’s science tells us that the world is in the shape of an ostrich egg, exactly an ostrich egg.

Today also two third people of the world think and believe that the sun never rotates. It was mentioned in Quran that the sun also rotates …
yesterday science was far behind. They don’t believe at all. But today’s science tells us that the sun also rotates while maintaining in one position.

Yesterday everybody thinks that the flowing river water gets mixed up with salt water when it flows’ to the sea.
But Quran says that the flowing river water never get mixed up with the sea water.
Today we know that it is true. The flowing pure river water never gets mixed up with the salt water.

Few decades ago when we say that the plants also has sex like male and female, people will say we are fools,
science was mocking at us. But today’s science tells us that it is true. A plant also has sex like male and female.

All these unbelievable theories were written in the Quran 1400 years back.

Who can write all this mysterious theories in Quran 1400 years back when there was nothing called science…

Show a person an unseen, unheard product and ask him to tell someone, who knows this mysterious product more than anyone.

No matter whom you asked the question, the only answer left in his mouth will be the creator, the manufacturer, the inventor.

Likewise only the creator of this universe can give us so much detail about the mysterious universe.

““ It is he who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon: all (the celestial bodies) swim along, each in its rounded course.””
From Glorious Quran, Soora Al Ambiya, Ayat 33.

What we know 1400 years back, science has discovered it yesterday…

Even today’s science is left far behind … tomorrow they will believe in the glorious Quran.

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