Saturday, August 14, 2010

She is not my classmate neither she is my friend or someone I know…

it was in last December, I was sitting in male international airport ferry when I saw a chocolate brown girl in black, she had black hair in a loose cut style and she was wearing a big silver earring and had a nice dimple on her cheek. She was with her sister and mom.

I tried to avoid her but my eyes had already locked the target, I got lucky 15 minutes to see her face very clearly and then as her feet touched the airport she disappeared. I was sad because I thought she was embarking and maybe I won’t see her again in my life time, but it was co incidence over co incidence or it was just luck that I saw her in airport café, I was happy to knew that she wasn’t embarking she just came to embark her mom.

How sweet it was, she and her sis was sitting next to my table but before I grab my food they left, I ran out of the café to see her but I lost them again. After a while again I saw her in the ferry, this time I was ready to run like a horse after them. As we reached male’ they started walking and I also started walking behind them , definitely they will notice me now because I have been following her for past an hour so they noticed me and changed their root but this time I preferred to walk on my root. I have seen her face and within an hour with the help of my networks I have known her name and school.

Only God knows what was going to happen next, her root and my root ended up in the same position, face to face. I said “O God, is this a miracle”.


  1. ahem ahemmm .. wud like to knw ..wut hapens futher eh inge ...