Tuesday, August 17, 2010

feel like an old pal.

Loneliness is a Part … Don’t know what’s on my mind. Friends are not in reach neither family is in reach. Kind of lonely days has over shadowed my views.

But nowadays I don’t get time to think about all these, I am too busy in running, side to side. Jus want to get a relief in a better condition. Sometimes feel scared to face new things, but can’t escape, somehow have to take the task. I have got something from this struggling life but still want to learn more.

If I could not achieve what I expected than I will regret for it, for the rest of my story. Time is running so fast making me old day by day.

Today when I go facebook I see kids from 1995, while chatting with them I feel like an old pal.


  1. Oww dear ..ur jus thinkin like that only wen ur talking to the ones younger than u ehhh .. and i tell u ..ur not an old pal ..k .. these are ur days eh sweet heart .. soo dun think like that .. cheers

  2. year by year getting older ... what cam preserve me in Nature ...