Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easier Said Than Done

I changed a lot but yet not enough, what will cost me to get it done? Standing on one cracked leg gives me a sick feeling about this entire thing called life. There are some, which is easier said than done.  Someone said it right for sure love is made in china so no warranty at all.

Day by day as we grow older together with us our thoughts grow in which there are some disturbing and annoying questions for which we have some answers and for which we die to get answers. But its constant and it cannot be changed. It’s hard to accept the truth of life but somehow we manage to pass from it. Everyday life brings us happiness and joy and within some seconds it is washed by our own tears. 

In past two decades “life” is the only thing that I couldn’t understand and it’s the only thing about which I couldn’t find any proper information from any dictionary.

Standing a business is an easy one if you have the guts to do it. The most difficult thing is to stand your dream, whatever we wish never comes true and whatever we wonder doesn’t even exist. So obviously in my perspective, to get what you want or simply chasing a dream is the most difficult thing to do. When I discussed this issue with some of my friends, they said for them Bill Gates is a lucky man to get all that money. I wish if there was “Al Saud” or “Bin Laden” right after my name, so then I will consider myself as lucky because if it was true then I will be a born billionaire. But Bill Gates is a self made multi billionaire standing tall with his own work; he turned his fortune the way he wants it to appear.

Some time back I read a book in which the author mansions about the wastage of time, in his view point, each and every thing that we do must be according to a schedule and it must be done for a purpose and furthermore someone really in a rush or thirsty for his dream, he should always be warned of his actions. He must make sure that each and everything he does must be focused on his dream. I tried to implement that thing but later on got lost in the new images of life but today again it reminds me of that book. He said it right there is no easy way to get it done, if you want then schedule your whole life according to your plan. To wake up in the early morning and to wash your own clothes and again to press it is no easy thing to do, but they have done it and thus they got the results.

A person try and keeps on trying but never get success, it’s not because he/she is not aware of success that’s because he/she couldn’t hold on the path of success. At first when I started to read all the success stories published by successors, there was a big smile on my face. I thought yeah here is the way and it’s so easy freaking bad but it never was. It’s easier said than done.

Nowadays I started to notice that this Casanova life has taken me a lil bit faraway from my dream. I promised myself to hold on it but it seems like I am flowing with the current to some unknown direction. I must forgo the chick for my dream, if no dream then no money so no honey.

Stand in the middle of the road and just wander around and you will see that everything is for sale, the question is, are you able to buy it?  If yes then the whole world is for you and even the stars. Yes, I am not fooling you, it is possible. Really living like a crocodile isn’t enough at all; we couldn’t even imagine where we will end up in twenty years.

In the mid of last year I thought of leaving male’ for some months or a year, I tried to shift myself to Srilanka so then I am gonna be alone. The major objective of this thought is to make myself alone. I want to take some responsibilities like washing my own plate and cleaning the whole place. I tried but that mission went on pending and meanwhile I got involved in some other stuff. Making myself alone is surely gonna change my life style, I am gonna be a very sharp-nil person on time and I will rise with the early morning sun, perhaps it will keep me focused on my dream.

Life is unpredictable! Now see, yesterday I was showing all my thirty something teeth out like a pomegranate because I got my bike but today that bike maintenance is a pain in my butt. I got thrown outta my job so dad cut down all my living allowance and now I am debited so badly. I don’t know what’s wrong with dad; he will kill me one day. And even he occupied my room and gave me a ghetto and said be happy, k that’s awesome. He intended to take my bike too but I warned him, I said ill kill myself. As I said for sure he will kill me, I don’t have to do it on my own. I am alive because grandpa is there, he loves me a lot so he said me to come over his house and over it he will pay me four thousand rufiyaa per month for just only living in grandpa house. Now that’s called love unlike the love my dad gives me.

There is an evil inside me which keeps ruining me badly. I know I got money for a purpose but the evil takes over me, I will wash all that money in coffees and I set out to bare the risk. Now that’s the thing I need throw outta me, if i want to survive. I really feel like that I need to grow a love for jobs. I need to be a job lover not a job fuker. And yeah while chasing the dream it is the only thing which will keep me active, mentally active and fit for the battles of tomorrow.

 So for now im setting my tie and im heading to office… because that’s the only option left for now. 


  1. hehe.. varah simpathy vehje about ur feelings really... the only thing i wnt say is.. pass ur exam.. this world is a dream.. think about the other world.. wash & clean ur sins.. it will bring happiness to u 100%..but u must be a tolerated person...think again

  2. Allah Akbar my friend,,

    everybody that's a buddy called zaison who is new in blogger with his islamic blog, but yet his blog is under maintenance so dont forget to drop by him when he is done with his customization...

    nd yeah zaison, nice to c u being sympathy hehe.. yup ill pass my exam Insha Allah..
    this world is a dream
    so we shall chase down it..

    i never strictly keeps my blog focus on Islam but it dosent mean that i am cluless about Islam,,

    "Rabbanaa Aathinaa Fidhunyaa Hasanathan, Vafil Aahirathi Hasnathan Vaginaa Azaaban Naaar".
    nd yeah that a Dua for you and me..