Monday, June 20, 2011

Why De’ Hell Shit Happens ??

Post after a post with no heading, if heading then no tailing. 
So I’m fed up of all these posts and drafts and bla bla blaaa….

Let’s talk about a common issue like why the hell shit happens… 
yeah that’s a really good topic so that’s gonna be the heading. 
So “why the hell shit happens??”

Hmmm, mostly all the time we are facing some unexpected, unpredictable things… at times it pains a lot when we expect for too much. It’s better to keep our expectations in a limit or else shit happens.  Actually when querying this issue, we are the ones causing for all these. We get into it and we face it, fair and square. We don’t think of it, we don’t expect it to happen thus we are done with it and surly we will face it. But it won’t happen if we had expected the worse, if tried out another way though it’s hard.

I know you’re having some difficulties in understanding me; actually you can relate this to anything that’s why you’re thinking about what I am trying to say... I’m not trying to convince a situation I’m just briefly highlighting an issue. But I don’t think you will get it without a situation so see, no,, just read…

Last year I was expecting too much about me shifting to abroad. I was too hyper about it and I was counting for it but shit happened, that entire countdown knocked on my head and I’m sitting here in Male’. So that’s a case too… when you count on, better to hold a negative attribute on expectations.

Another case is about my bike and the speed in it. I’m a racer in the smallest city in the world unfortunately. More than 160000 people live in this damn place and it’s over and over congested.  We should have expected for the worse but sad we never thought of it while riding like a bullet in 100km per hour. There was a thought, actually we know that our fate is waiting for us somewhere around us but who knows when its gonna strike on us. So shit happened and thus we had to drag ourselves out from under a car. it was paining like hell…

Like that there are many situations where you realize what I’m saying.  And now when it comes to the original shit happens, though we think of it, though we are alert the original ones find us from nowhere and strike just on us before we know it.  I got to say that it’s the most damn part of luck.

You study all the time and your grades are good mostly in the top 3 but who causes you to the first, second and third. The one who comes to third is also a bug in his book, neither his abilities are lower than the first and second but he ended in third. Now that’s when we talk about the original shit happens, or it’s called the damn luck.

I know that pic is a really funny shit happening pic but this post isn’t that much funny. Shit happens can be categorized in many. Like there are funny ones such as the pic.


  1. I'm confused.. :p

  2. u shud be amal keke

    coz the post is that kinda post X)

  3. positive expectations always hurt bro ...if we expect sumthing negetively ..we sure get the positive of it .. even if we dont ge it positively all the times .. we atleast wudnt be hurt cux we knew thats gonna happen right .. i have experienced this personally in many cases .. but i cant help myself from expecting the better always and end up hurting myself through my own mistake of expecting . ..

  4. so kind of u dhona for commentin
    on my worse post...

    i dont like the post,
    thats why i didnt tel anyone.

  5. totally complicated.. hehe

  6. i know zaison... but thats the how it is