Monday, September 19, 2011

Some Questions Posed at me...

           so ive been pretty busy in collectings questions for this post and it was a hard task... aaah finally its done. i tried to get some tough questions but these are the questions some people wanna ask me so here it is =)

       * What does mostly people do notice about you??
  That I am a bit of everything,,  ummm some say im funny and some say im dummy…
·         *  How do you spend your spare time?
  Mostly in facebook and the rest with my friends,,  you find me inside coffee shops…
·         *  Firstly what’s on your mind, when you’re lonely?
  A paint brush and a canvas with colours or else a paper and a pen…
·         * How do you feel about losing something important?
  What goes around comes around,, when god is with you what else can fear you…
 * How do you feel when people ignore you?
  Fuk them twice,, I won’t dip my head in their life unless they invite me in their life =)
 * What do you desire about most?
  My dream,,  ”Cafe’ Omri”
·         *  Rain or sun?
  Nothing at all,, sun makes me hot and rain makes me wet so ill prefer some balanced condition.
·         * Favorite role model?
  Yasser Arafat
·         * What will you do if you get a million?
  I’ll try to add another zero to it,,  probably business
·         * The Incident you won’t forget…
  An Auto ride in Bangalore, India in 2007…
10 questions posed by modeson…

·         * What do you appreciate?
  Kindness, love, and truth
·         * What do you expect in a girl?
Slim, tall and intelligence 
·         * What’s your Personality?
  Im a very silent guy but at times I can be loud but I love silence.  My mood can change at anytime within     seconds,, depending on the situation.  Anger is my weakness and the ability to release that anger without   opening my mouth is my strength.  Ill describe my personality as a QED,, quietly easy done…
3 questions posed by Rayn…

·        *  What is something you want to do and not many people know about it ?
I love to read books… and not many people know about that,, just only close friends and family is aware about that =)
·         * Describe your ideal wife ?
Silm, fair, taller than 5 feet 7 inches and and overall seductive ;)… educated and civilized, wiser than the perfect, intelligent and confident … that will be enough…
·         * Is there a fear of you that you want to overcome ?
Fear for Gins… it might sound a bit funny but really that’s the fear that keeps me awake at nights…
·         * Answer this one very frankly, do you judge people on the basis of their appearances ? why ?
NO,, I don’t judge people on the basis of their appearances and if I do than I guess they are many people out of my list…  i just tend to say the image a guy is portraying and it got nothing to do with his or her personality =)… and why ?? mmhm because you don’t see the face hidden behind the mask,, it might be good or evil =)
·         * Whom would you choose between your love and your family ? why ?
Obvious my family,, because true love will never leave us alone as bob says keke
·         * Who pisses off you most ?
ifa ,,
·         * What is one food you can eat always and never get bored of ?
Btw im on diet hehe… but now when you have asked mmmhm its “Papadam”… hope you all know about it =)
·         * When do you get most frustrated ? what do you do in such times ?
I don’t want to hear a lie from my family and friends… and when I am crossed with a lie that’s the most frustrating  times… in such times I don’t do much neither I say much, I just say “fuk u” and I won’t trust them anymore…
·         * Why do you love history most ?
Because the mystery is buried in it =)
·         * What age do you wish to be always ?
I love to be a 22 year old guy and  thats the age I want to be preserved in =)
·         * The best word you said to someone ?
“ I love you” hehe… yeah that’s the best words I said to someone, only once  =)
 11 questions posed by Dhona…
        *  What do you want in youe life ??
I already got freedom so I want Kingdom and Stardom in my life
·        *  How much do you think about tomorrow ?
Pretty much,,  infact every single minute
·         * What is the gud thing in your life and the bad thing ?
Hmm good thing in my life is that im still alive =) and the bad thing is that I don’t know when im gonna die =(
·         * Do you believe that money is everything, and if you do than why ?
Yeah, I do believe… people say that money can’t buy love, happiness and bla bla blaa,, that’s crap. For me money is happiness and money can buy love too, just grab sum bling bling stuff and show off around and then see how many gals do count on you,, so like that just grab a hawt chick and hangout with her and than fall in love with her =) simple… see money is everything dude =)
·         * Do you believe that you’re in a good path ?
Sure… I don’t doubt myself,, neither can somebody fool me =)
·         * How do you think about girls ?
Girls… mmmhm they’re good…  but ill go with the bob’s quotation “ no women, no cry “ hehe =)
6 questions posed by zaison


  1. Nice to get a bit of insight into your perspectives! I might just try the same questions ;)

  2. hehe,, yeah as you wish haiko... these are just random questions posed by beloved ones =)

    and im happie that you commented =)
    loooking forward

  3. ehem ehem .. firstly i'd like to say is i've got my answers and secondly the best answr was the ideal wife one .. are you sure that those qualities are enough ??? buahahhahaha .. <3 ya

  4. thats not enough yet,, there are some more qualities keke...

    n thanks for the questions dhon =)

  5. Its not about the money money money. We don't need your money money money. We just wanna make the world dance, forget about price tag! ;)

  6. keke thats a song =P... yeah you dont need money to make the world dance but yo do need money to make a song like that... =P
    so sing "And you can, can keep the cars
    Leave me the garage
    And all I, yes all I need
    Are keys and guitars
    And guess what, in 30 seconds
    I'm leaving to Mars" =P

  7. I didn't think clicking "interesting" was enough, so here goes.. Hmm, interesting! :P

  8. hehe,,, well thats was more than enough =)

    and thank you for the comment shaayan...

    looking forward =)