Monday, October 31, 2011

Shades that Fade…

Its been a while since the last time I attempted to type anything from these fingers but finally here I am back again with the hope of expressing something or in other words to share something with you all lovely bloggers.

It is the most memorable days in one’s life, and it is the years to choose the path. It is the most romantic moments someone could have ever imagined and it is the worst nightmare anyone could have ever seen. When it comes to boys than it’s all about counting till a hair appears beneath the cheek and in other side girls are just too crazy in measuring their sizes every single day and it goes weirdly long… to be waiting for the prince charming and some just way too ahead of these Cinderella stories.

College life is the something you shouldn’t miss at all, it’s not about studying it’s all about gaining; gaining fame, gaining weight and gaining everything… the result of these gaining’s can really bring a change in your life, as a matter of fact this is the place where your journey begins. The one who choose to be with the girl’s ends with them and the one with books passes away with books while the ones who were silent remained silent as the way they were. Merely 75% of your style is something you adopt from your college life or shortly in your teen age. The way you think and the way you react and even your hobbies and interests can be influenced by the environment. Some teen agers tend to remain silent because of a terrifying incident in their life; later on they never got the initial guts to overcome it. It’s a mental state where the human brain devolves itself from the joy of life while some other teen agers are bemused in the new changes of life.

After being a teen ager for past years I’m attempting to write this post about teens in my last month of teen age. I did observe and researched on issues with my peers and most of all I just set down and watched the way how the years passed. Some girls, whom I know as good girls changed their ways and weirdly they went to the path of ruin. On other side some girls whom I know as bitches changed their ways and they are appearing in front of me with a new face with a new personality. Simply good changed to bad and bad to good and I happen to be one amongst them, amongst the ones who changed. I’m not that fellow who I used to be. My looks might not have been affected at all but I’m changed, least from my mind.

After the school age I found it merely impossible to have a relation with any of my schoolmates probably because of the image once I portrayed to them, and it was not so good and I regret for that. Though I’m not the same still I’m afraid of getting rejected. Surly anyone who rejects me is an unlucky one yet I just can’t face them. Beside that my looks was too younger than my age and it sucks at times… I’m twenty but I seems like a sixteen year old boy and that’s one of the how I get rejected from my aged mates, In a way that will benefit me someday when I’m over 40s, than ill be younger not only from my heart but from my looks too.

With growing age, with the rolling time least we are able to seek something that might brighten up our future about which we don’t even have a clue. Human brains are formed in such a way that it will find its components on its own but there is also a very lame and careless part of the brain too, mostly we are aware about everything still we are never keen of changing it. Some call it addiction and if highlighting the point than the life is an addiction in itself.  How many minutes do we take to know about a thing? How many years do we take to implement that thing in our life? It’s all about a weakness that is growing inside us with the time.

The most enjoyable teen life might influence you to something that you never intended of and if so than just try to change your attributes to the way you want, before it’s too late. It is not an easy thing to change styles after you have adopted it.

During the mid of my teen years which is eventually ending in 14 days, I always had a desire of writing… first I thought to have a thought book so I can write on the first page that I thought of having a thought book hehe… but not a diary. It might jeopardize my plans despite I never had any big secrets to keep hidden in my diary so later on I found about dhona’s blog and she was really helpful. I saw her blog and I said “yeah, this is the perfect place for a free writer like me”. Hopefully people liked my articles that I published at first, but for me those are just craps to read over again to laugh out loud. In my opinion I think my blog is the result of hundred books I read.

I was one of those with a question in mind, What’s my field??. So I always loved to try anything that came infront of me, just to check whether that’s meant for me or not, If I was good at anything than I noted it down but at last I was a bit of everything. I could try anything to a good average level. There was no such thing in which I could say that I am a master. So I just felt like doing everything until I find a specific interest in something. The only thing I could aim was money and honey so im just ready to go for anything that can lead me to my dream, whether its business or politics ill just dip my head in it.

So there was much of everything that I can adopt form my teen age, well that’s the way I feel… if truth than you will know what ever I have adopted from this blog. And this is a platform where I have never lied. Though secrets or not just let it be written in my blog.

Even my writing did help me pretty much in observing my behavior; I love people who criticize my blog. Actually they are the engines behind this and they are a mirror for me to look at that and to change my bad adopts. Simply i want to change my whole life to the perfect way before the black shades fade to my life.


  1. That was an interesting post. You shouldn't be afraid of rejection. I saw a quote once that said "Rejection is God's way of telling you 'wrong direction'" So if someone rejects you, you know they're not worth having in your life anyway. :-)

  2. were hav ya been haiko.. i thought everybody left blogsphere so i was kinda changing my mind too...

    luv the comment
    lukin forward