Thursday, October 4, 2012


Money is a very valuable source in the earthly life, at times we get it much more than we deserve and at times we do fail to get the best out of it. I can’t even calculate the sum of money that came in to my hand in past years, sad I haven’t got a penny left with me.

During my time here in Colombo; I have seen people enjoying their lifetime savings. I have witnessed their life and their way of living it. Money wasn’t an easy earn for them but they struggle through every possible way that leads to it and in the end they just prefer a humble middle class life unlike us Maldivians. We are famous all over the continent as a culture of spending whatever we got. I should not blame my community and my environment as a major reason to all my expenses.

Good people are good in every community, it’s just the way you live your life. Some of my cousins have set perfect examples. During happy and sad times, during their time in abroad; they have set a bench mark by living their life from some fewer bucks saved in their pocket money. Their income is much higher than me however they tend to live a simple life.

Once a man said right, happy people find their happiness within their budget, happiness has got nothing to do with enormous amount of currency.

Sometime back I have shown very much interest in money and even today I have got the same view about it. I haven’t changed my mind but what I am convinced is that if I could not understand the value of it than it might be a total waste. If I am not being able to save it on a regular basis than it will never match my expectations nor satisfy me.

Mostly all my money drowns at the same point where I decide to step inn to the friends circle. Coffee bills and cigarette expenses are the greatest wastage of mine. Nowadays I have a very wicked feeling about losing my money in all these stuffs, it feels good while spending but I can’t bare the embarrassment and the shame I feel about myself after losing all.

Every day I try to restrict my budget, but I have been constantly failing to do it. I hope tomorrow might be that day to change a habit, to let it go off…

signing off,
ebrehemo farah',
04,10,12, thursday, 22:50,
Colombo, Sri Lanka


  1. It's hard to save! I never have lol

    1. Amal =) long time... where and how have you been???

      thankyou for the comment,
      its so nice of you =)

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  3. well andrea its so nice of you for reading out my stuffs..

    i have not been updating this blof for a long time.. insha Allah soon il come back with something great =)