Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I doubt ...

There are people who live in imagination and there are people who just take a puff of a bit weed to escape from life. There are people in search of ways, in a wider scale there are people who jus smoke for no reason including me.
Most of us are dusted in fianc├ęs dandruff … while the others are just haunted by their own thoughts

If we observe closely we see many kinds of people, some are out there just wasting their life in day by day while playing an iPod. The winners have used these valuable times to eventually win the game. Most of the time the people who are busy with books and these stuffs are considered as boring people, somehow it’s true if I sat down with an ordinary folk and started reading, within two minutes he or she will be bored but I don’t do that. When it’s dark and tranquil then it’s the time to dig the books, as Albert Einstein said “Learn to keep with silence”

One comes in and says: he ye yey ey :-$

The other one jumps out of the bed and shouts: whatsoever 8-{}

And the third one laying on the bed: Hmm,, Let me sleep :-/

Hanging out with teenage girls is a headache, all the time yak yaks…etc. if anything happens then “whatsoever”… when I am sitting with these girls I never say about my book, I just keep it in my back pocket.… and one thing I noticed in them is their excitement, Omg…!! They will be shouting, jumping and running. Where the hell does these girls get this much of energy. I thought these things were only in movies. As a matter of fact I never get so much excited; there will be a smile in my mouth that’s all…

I doubt, maybe I am missing one of my sense or these girls are having a seventh sense…

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