Monday, March 7, 2011

Buried in Dark

Its happy to know that I have a blog, its happy to know that there are people with whom I can share and its happy to know that there are some who follows me anonymously, I am happy to see the excel…  I still remember the day I officially open this blog on blogger. A decision took in a foggy rainy day in India, is appearing in front of my eyes as a blog, never thought it will survive in this tough competitive blogsphere but thank god and thank you all and especially Dhona for keeping it alive…  

As the blog rolls to complete its first year in blogsphere, there are bunch of things in my mind, and its finding its way to get out by updating this blog…
It’s a hard to find time and it’s hard to update a blog. Nowadays it’s kinda boring. No mood, to eat neither to sleep. I don’t know what is happening to me, nothing but the thought of a lady keeps roaming in my mind causing all these mess up in my schedules. And over it everybody is giving me pressure about this chick in a hard time like this. Some says bring her home and the others say invite her for a coffee. One says give me her Facebook id while the other says to show them a better look of this chick. I don’t know why, when everything is going wrong to wrong everybody is expecting huge things from me.

I can’t even remember the last time I reacted like a drunken Romeo, surly this is the first time in past eleven years I am experiencing something like this. I fear of this day and I am never so keen about forwarding a relationship into this much. But it happens, sadly. She isn’t giving me negative reactions but shortly describing, she is icy. I am invigorated for whatever since she got an ability to make me nervous and shivering, being able to give me a pale skin.

All these thoughts are surrounded by me when it’s dark. Olden memories and the sad days, and also the happiness are buried in the dark. Born and living in Male’ since childhood had made me sick of all these lights, but will miss the lights if it is not there infact I can’t sleep if there is no light. The major reason behind, me waking in the night is to go and sit by the seaside, to see the glittering stars in the dark sky and to feel the silence “and to smoke a bunch of cigarettes” though it’s a very bad habit. It’s just amazing…

But can’t imagine the way how the earth rotates, the sunrises for another day and with it the noise of “Pee Pee’s” by vehicles and people running side to side. Everybody with their own businesses and for me it’s time to sleep... can’t even remember the last time I saw the sun but for me it’s not a problem Insha Allah since I got a comfortable night life… 


  1. Seems like you're really embracing the night life. (: It's nice to have a blog to write away your thoughts, and I most definitely enjoy reading about yours.

  2. its nice to have friends like you Haiko :)

  3. thnks dear .. and i am sorry for being soo damn late .. its due to my mental and educational problems .. i hope u wud excuse me and forgive me for that eh .. and about the girl who's keeping u soo out of the world ..good luck .. and nights .. i too lurv them ..jus like u .. u kno ehnu we're cats eh ... looking forward to see you soon .. ummwahs .. bye

  4. Excused happily :),
    n thanks for al those guluks...

    yh... we're cats'

    wil be waiting to see you :)