Wednesday, March 23, 2011

life mosaic

We buddies, jump around, roam around, flirt together, get caught together and then we laugh together…  Having a memorable time while playing basket in Friday evenings and riding around and around Male’ in Thursday nights are just amazing.  When we are together we’re just too good.

Well that’s happiness for us while for some people it’s an unanswered question.  Every night as we pass from the marine drive we see many people sitting in the dark side to fish… for me it’s boring but for them it’s awesome. While we ride through Male’ we see a lot of Romeo’s busy in dark spots, and what’s funny is they just finish all that no matter its road or not. Even there are some driving nuts in-between “Bajiya Gaa’s”. Anyway that’s the way they see happiness.  

Two days ago I rode an article named “Sex, the first priority of teens”. In that article they mentioned about the risk of sex in teens years and the side effects of it. They did a survey, they asked hundreds and hundreds of teens both male and female, 90% of them said that’s too old fashioned and even some girls asked “is it possible?”… That was a funny article. Practicing all this might be a late trend but not being aware of the consequences is called old fashioned.  Some time back I met a friend in tow yard. She was trying to do some hardcore’s over a “Bajiya Gaa” but got caught by police. So they took her and her Romeo to tow yard but again action replayed in tow yard…  Well that’s called trend setters XO

From up high Male’ might seem like a boring place but it’s funny to dig the place around…                         just to check the place you don’t have to do much just go near sea side and say there is a crocodile in the water. I guarantee within minutes the place will be mounted of crowds and national defense forces will clear the sea side just because somebody reported that there is a crock lolzzz.

My bro is also a funny guy, infact a rascal. One day he came out around morning seven, it happened to be Sunday but he thought its Friday so when he saw a innocent CHSE girl going to school he said “hei gal were r u goin, dontcha knw dat dis is Friday” the girl got surprised unfortunately there was a Islamic lecture going in the mosque and it sounded like Friday “Khuthbaa”. My bro again said “dontcha hear the Khuthbaa” this time the girl got confused and took a U turn and went straight to home keke,, my bro is a fool to think its Friday and the poor girl is also a fool to get fooled by a fool.

And yeah that reminded me of another funny story of a Romeo buddy, one night he went to his chicks house because she was angry, as he reached inside her room she said “prove me dat u luv me” so my buddy said “is dat al” and took the girl on his shoulders and started to do push-ups, in every push-up he said “I luv u 1, I luv u 2” like that he did 51 push-ups and said “I luv u 51 times” lol kekeke….…

 All these crazy people together make a Laugh My Ass Out session XO

Usually coffee shops are the places where these stories roll; sometimes we spent six, seven hours in every single coffee. Actually we must go there with a pillow to sleep over there.  Because we are never ready to come out of the place, it’s just awesome. When I sit over there I get to meet friends and new friends, so anybody who want to find me visit to my office           “Koffee Shops”.

 During all these I meet many girls but I never bring them home whether a friend or a girl friend. They ask me why and I say because my mom is never keen about it, again they say why and I say I don’t know maybe it’s not an Islamic thing that’s why… before I use to think about it a lot because I see many of my friends inviting hot chicks to home and their moms are always kewl about it and I wonder why my mom is so much anti. Only god knows….

Anyways I keep the rule since I don’t bring any home and now I am also trained like that, I feel ashamed of myself to show up with a chick. Surly mom is going to kill the chick :S. though I don’t show up, she is aware of my activities because Male’ is just too small and the family is just too big.

The best solution for this is to go with my field, to go to resort. So its gonna be bang bros time heehaa…

For now just a lil bit busy, and the brain is empty too , so signing off 


  1. cofees are fun eh .. i luv it .. but i hardly get to go .. ehhe .. and yea.. Male' is too small for our family eh . >.<

  2. dho dhon,, too big, cant even hide

  3. News in Male' spread like wildfire! Not just news but there are times when you find out things about yourself even you didn't know about through your mum's friend i.e Rumours. ;) Anyway, it's nice that you have such fun friends!

  4. wow haiko, that was a luvly cmmnt...
    nd yea that mom's frnd is a very dummy one hehe

    nd thank you for cmmntin on my every post
    looking forward :-)

  5. hahaha lolx... ur friends family also too big... can i tell ur story.... hehe.. if i tell someone u gonna break my neck haha..jst like undertaker.. :P

  6. wooo, dho !! n abt d story,, let it be, since i don knw who u r so guess i wont b knwin d stories u knw abt me dho .... yh undertaker is d best XO