Friday, May 13, 2011

The First Year… was wowing

Blogger has gone down in past few months but let’s hope that it will rise back in no time. So this month it’s my blog anniversary, and in its first year I have posted total fifty posts. I think that’s enough for a year but this year I am gonna target around twenty five posts. Since there aren’t any excitements like the first year and also there are no many things to write, I will try to get something good and then after the final touches I will post it. It might take a month or a week, but I won’t be posting till something comes or forms up in my mind. My last post was a very different post than the posts I usually do. The last post was the 50th post so I want to make it a lil bit different, Coincidently the Bin Laden death story raised in the very same time so I just tried to focus on some great news’s of Osama Bin Laden.

Sometime back when I met Dhona she asked me “Hws life” and I said that it suks, in reply Dhona said that I am one person she knows who’s life is all time Fucked up. I laughed and then later on I noticed that yes it’s true, seriously I have created a sad image of myself mostly through my blog. But that’s the way how thing goes around most of the time but there is another side of a coin too.
Generally saying I am happy, I don’t have real sad stories, I am sad because the things never go the way I want it to go.

Well I am happy because I am being able to blog and that I have some fewer blog friends, I am happy that my family is wonderful and that I get enough of everything from them mostly freedom. Like that it goes long and long… I am happy to see ifa after four years hehe…

Sometimes people consider me as a sad person because I don’t get involved with them in major events such as barbeques, picnics and night fishing… I don’t like it, that’s why I don’t do it. It happens a lot, what I like people don’t like. I like jogging so I go for jogging but alone because no one likes it, I like blogging but none of my friend is interested in doing it. Jerry tried out blogging but hardly he posted two posts and then forgot. I read books in fact a dozens of books and I like to paint but everybody is bored to do it.  I got a very close friend called Farish; when I asked him he said that he hates blogging and moreover he will probably hate to read anything.

I have always been very different, the kind of cloths I wear and majorly my way of thinking… I set my watch upside down so the 12 is gonna be the 6 and 6 is gonna be the 12, and I wear it in my right wrist facing its head down. People ask me why? I said I like it that way… I use my mobile from left hand and always keep it in my left pocket and even I text from left hand but believe me I am not a lefty. I want to use my left hand equally to my right hand even my left leg… but I won’t be able to focus on both sides. But still if you can do that than it’s so easy in everything.

Hmm so this is the third day since I started to write this post… these days life is rolling backwards, I am writing this post from the same PC  I used to write my first post, sitting in the same chair in my aunt’s mobile shop. Don’t be confused, I said in a previous post that the idea of blogging came up to my mind in a rainy afternoon in Bangalore, India. That’s true and in fact I opened my blog in India but I posted when I was in Male’. 

My major aim is to open my own blog website and soon Insha Allah I’ll do that. It just takes few dollars per year and it easy to handle and you don’t have to be concerned about your blog contacts, they will be following you just the way we are following now, the only difference is gonna be that it will be your own website powered by blogger. In the mid of last year I tried to buy the name EFWALL.COM but it was already registered under some construction company, sad  so I am just figuring out a good name, or else you can suggest me a good URL.

Talking about my template… in my view its crocodile shit, seriously. When it comes to templates than it takes hours and hours of work to complete a good template so for now I am keeping it a lil bit edited till I get some good time to deal with it.  Dhona is very keen and very good in searching templates from the whole internet. Sometime back she suggested me some good ones, I tried them and tried to change the HTML the way I want it to be but at that time blogger was not updated but now in this very 2011 blogger has updated the site very well for guys like us. So I will try out the new stuffs too. And then the template will remain the same for the rest of the year because you know it’s no easy to be changing it every day and also I will be busy like hell in upcoming months.

So the recent update of my job is a shocking news… they announced and I applied for the job and along with me 100 people applied for the job. So its 101 people for just one post, hmmm seems like it’s gonna be tough.

My never ending classes are still going on and one lady in my class had ended my classes to rubbish by some amazing curves but I got to say I also have curves keke, I’ll leave her alone because she is not worth enough for a guy like me. So damn her and it’s time to study like a good mama’s boy… 


  1. Hey! You have a nice blog here. :D I read this post and I can totally relate to what you're saying. I've never been quite as 'normal' as everybody else either. But that's completely fine, coz it makes us unique, do you agree? :)
    I am kinda new[well new in the sense that I've started blogging after a LONG time. eheh] to blogging. So check out my blog, tell me what you think? :)

  2. hahahahahah lol... yeah falho is absoluteky ryt... ebrehemo is a very unique guy.. look his watch in his left hand nd fone 'll b in left pocket haha... its unique... lemme ask a question.. are u going to change a lefty... haha.. it might possible buddy... cya with ur skills in lefty.. hahaha lol :D..

  3. first of all thankew falho n fi'l chybo for leavin a comment :)

    yup i do agree falho,, we are unique... infact sum of ma frndz make fun of me by sayin that i come frm mars keke jus bcoz im dffrnt hehe...
    bt we r unique...

    N yh fil chybo.... nop im gonna change to a bothy = means using both hands keke
    btw get ready to c the magic of lefty hehe

  4. soo happy anniversary efwall bloggy .. =) .. and what i've got to say is 25 posts for the second year is too less .. u should always increase the number of posts by time .. not decrease it eh ..

    and yeahh .. my question and the reply to ur reply gave a positive effect dhow .. i m happy that u started to think about it and found out the reason's u shud be happy about ..!!And about ur style .. i've gotta say is ur unique buddy .. loved the watch bit ..

    all the besta luck with the website and job .. insha allah .. both will bring good news ..


  5. luv u dhon....

    blogging is not all about posting everyday in order to 365 posts annually,, a post must be very good and limited...n then there will be a constant demand for it..
    i get tired to comment evryday,, in the same manner others will be tired of my posts,, thus no readers... don take it negatively,, well thats ma opinion :)

    n yh ur question n ur reply to ma reply n also dose ply ply is great hehe....