Friday, May 6, 2011

is he living in the moon ??

The most dangerous conspiracy file ever opened, the biggest man hunt ever done, and he is the most wanted man in human history. The leader and the founder of the most wanted gang Al-Qaeda. His face is known, his biography is known and he is living among us yet for more than a decade Osama Bin Laden has managed to evade the world’s greatest super powers.

There have been rumors about him since 9/11 and along with it there are some real stories. After not being heard of him for nine long years people started to believe that he is no more, yes it maybe true since there have been rumors about Bin Laden that he got kidney treatments in American hospital in UAE but there are no clear proof of it. In November 2001 Bin Laden was seen for the last time in public in eastern Afghanistan in Jalal Abad. “Hamid Mir” is the man who conducted the last interview of Bin Laden, as said by him, they gave him some pills to loose his stomach and he had to take hot water baths for 10 times and than he was blind folded and wrapped in a blanket. After several hours of driving “Hamid Mir” was rolled out in front of Bin Laden. When asked by “Hamid Mir” Bin Laden cleared that he was not suffering from any kidney decease and in fact that he can ride his horse for 70 kilometers without a stop and yes no kidney patient can do that. Since December 2001 there has been no verifiable sighting of Bin Laden. Super powers haven’t had eyes on Bin Laden over nine long years; he vanished from the face of earth.

“Tariq Saeed” an Pakistan observer said that his sources said that Bin Laden died in a natural death after developing a series of lung problems in the mid December of 2001 after the Tora Bora fights and that he was buried in the range of Tora Bora and about 30-40 people probably friends and bodyguards attended his funeral and as a tribute to Bin Laden hundreds of bullets was fired in the air but it is not proved till date.
“Tora Bora” is the old mountain Base of Osama Bin Laden, referring to Wikipedia In 2001, it was suspected to be in use by Al-Qaeda and the location of bin Laden's headquarters, variously described as a multi-storied cave complex harnessing hydroelectric power from mountain streams, or a lower-rise dwelling with hotel-like corridors capable of sheltering more than 1,000. It was also said to contain a large cache of ammunition, such as missiles left over from the 1980s.The outposts in use in 2001 were originally built by extending and shoring up natural caves, with the assistance of CIA in the early 1980s for use by “Mujahedeen” during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
Each and every video release of Bin Laden is examined for years in process intelligence tries to find the location by hearing the background sounds and by zooming out the background.  Referring to BBC conspiracy files it’s said that geologists were brought to find out the kind of rock Bin Laden was sitting and to detect the areas where those kinds of rocks are common moreover to detect the sound of a bird ethologists were brought so than it may lead to an area where these kinds of birds live. But no clues, the only usage of his video tapes are to get the message.
Abdel Bari Atwan being the only journalist to spend three days with Bin laden in Tora Bora said that Bin Laden holds a gun which he captured from a soviet general and he carries it as a sign of his heroism. After the collapse of Soviet Union Bin Laden lived freely in Sudan, in 1998 Bin Laden announced that he is going to fight against the unbelievers and the people against Islam. After few months two car bombs was blasted in Us embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. It is quoted as the hallmark of Al-Qaeda and for the first time in 1998 Bin Laden was put on the FBI top most wanted list. Referring to BBC conspiracy files after few months Us got the best intelligence about Bin Laden from human assets, but it wasn’t possible to shoot him due to a mosque next to the place where this incident took place.   
Refereeing to a book which I read “Osama, forming of a terrorist”, it mentions about a missile attack in somewhere in the Arab world, if I am not wrong then it was a factory and further it says that missile attacks was struck in that place on the basis of intelligence reports just few seconds after Bin Laden left the place. And he is grateful to Allah for saving him.
He is  between 6'4" and 6'6" (193– 198 cm) in height and weighing about 165 pounds (75 kg) fair Arab man born and raised in Saudi Arabia, he said to have been a fan of westerns but unlike his family members he never schooled in west. His father Muhammad Bin Laden is the favorite building contractor of Saudi King and probably the most famous building contractor in the Arab world. As mentioned in Wikipedia he obtained a degree in civil engineering or degree in public administration. In 1979 after leaving the college Bin Laden joined Abdullah Azzam and with him he left to Afghanistan to fight Soviet Union and lived in Peshawar for a recorded time of 10 years under the U.S. Presidents Carter and Reagan, the United States Central Intelligence Agency provided overt and covert financial aid, arms and training to Osama's Islamic jihad Mujahedeen through Operation Cyclone, and the Reagan Doctrine. President Reagan often praised the Mujahedeen as Afghanistan's "Freedom Fighters."
There are people who met Bin Laden and somehow he was in news in last nine years though there was no single clue about him. Many Pakistan journalists said that it is said by Al-Qaeda that Bin Laden is alive.
May 1, 2011 it was announced that Osama Bin Laden was shot dead. And it is said that facial recognition tests and genetic testing further supported Bin Laden’s identification and it is said that his body was taken out to the sea for burial. Till now there are no clear video or even a picture of this event.
By different Medias in different countries, when asked the people about his death, most of them said that he is alive…
A man, who evaded the greatest super powers in history, doesn’t seem to get shot in an easy game.

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