Friday, May 14, 2010

Never Be Fuked Up

Always having coffee is not just, to get the caffeine but to get the joy. Although coffee is very expensive, we have to mange it somehow. There was days we were out of cash never got a drop of coffee for almost 3 months. And there was days with the big cash and we never came out of coffee shops.
I had always wanted to be athlete. I don’t want to sit in one place and smoke forever. As soon as I become an athlete I am going to quit smoking. Or else it will cause me to loose my strength.
I knew I was somehow lucky, but not that much lucky to hang out with the one, for whom I am melting like an ice cube. But I am too lucky that God saves me from this sinful hell coals.
Maybe there are girls who really want to have a relationship with me, I am their choice but they are not my choice. There is nothing I can offer them, I just say sorry to them, that’s the only thing left in my mouth. If she is the “Jall Pari” of my dreams than it is okay. But if she is not, I don’t to waste my valuable time.
Maybe people are saying right, most of the time you don’t get the one who you want. if you don’t than also its okay, you don’t need to sit down and cry for her. But for sure you will find someone better than her. Maybe there is no one better than her in your area, around you. But there are better ones around the world.
People say that when you come to this world you are already tied with someone. I have heard people saying that this girl is made for me and I am for her etc. all those long stories is just for kids who don’t sleep until “Safaru Kaiddha” comes.
You are a free man you got your freedom to choose whoever you want… sometimes you don’t get the fish in your hand, it will escape in some way… but still if you don’t give up, you have to suck the water out of the sea. And that is the thing you cannot do, no matter how hard you try. But No worries try another one…

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