Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Opening Eyes ...

There were days of sunny UV rays, there were days of rains … there were people with a good will, there were people with an evil intention. There were ladies as beautiful as a pristine glory. There were ways to get rich and there were ways to sleep on the floor.
At first when I rubbed my eyes to the teenage years, these are the things that I saw. But thank God. I never took a long time to understand this world.
Years ago, the first time when I entered a school I never thought that school is gonna be so hard… at last when I was expelled from the school I knew that life is gonna be so hard. But without any crying I left the school… I don’t regret for that, why should I regret. In those days I hate studying so I threw it away, today when I’m interested in it I picked it. Whatever it is, it’s gone, if it is bad then its experience, if it is good then its good.
When I walked away from the school, I knew that the self made Multi Billionaire Bill Gates also was a school dropout. Even the Rich Saudi Multi Billionaire and the World Famous Terrorist Osama Bin laden, also was a school dropout.

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