Friday, May 14, 2010

There are Some People

There are some people who always try to make excuses. By this way or that way, somehow they will find a way to make excuses.
Normally they will say tomorrow, and they leave everything to tomorrow. But the sad thing is, that tomorrow never comes. Successful people will drag the garbage out of schedule. They will be relaxing at home, because they are already done with everything.
Multi millionaires say that taking responsibility is the way to success, putting the responsibility on the other’s shoulders is also a way, those people also roll, but those who take the responsibility, rolls faster than those, they run. And they encourage others to run.
Something’s are there you cannot put on others, as Albert Enstine says “you cannot hire someone to do your push-ups ‘’.
You will get what you deserve.
And there are some people who will sit down and cry on their destiny. Crying on your situation, crying on your life, is not going to change anything unless you stand and try, to find a better way.
I hate teenagers, they don’t think, they will say “what so ever”. They feel that they are the best and there is nothing like them. Correct that’s true, they are fools who think there cool, and there is nothing like fools.
I love to fool them.
And also there are some people with a degree and still working in a government job as a secretary. There are educated but there thinking is limited, they limited their thinking. When they graduate highly and get a job in an office, they will feel this is it, I am finally a man and it’s time to get married, and they will get married and get kids and will spend their whole life in the same way, in the same job or in same kind of jobs. They can think of a business, they can think of big cash or they can think to live in a other country, more civilized, but no they won’t they are in there comfort zone. They believe that it is the only things available for them and there is no more for sale.

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