Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wasting all the time in front of TV…

Wasting anything is haram in Islam… and those who, who are wasting the valuable time in front of TV, are practicing a Sin. I am not against TV in fact TV is one of my favorites. But it is good as long as you keep it good, if you are watching some series it is a waste… every day you have to arrange your schedule.
Why don’t you go to nearby cinema and watch a nice movie… and it’s not waste, because a nice movie comes once in a month. Or you can surf the internet. It will enrich your knowledge. Or why don’t you watch documentaries, like National Geographic Channel programs.
And also your favorite drama series are full of nonsense… if Series are your favorite then why don’t you watch Prison Break or something that makes a little sense.
Why do ladies always prefer the nonsense …?
These drama series show people talking crap, bla blaa blaaa… house fights, mother in law and daughter in law wars… wow isn’t it lovely.
I know you will say that, no matter how much I say or the people say, you are not going to change your mind …
Because fools are the ones who don’t believe that they are the fools.

I always had cartoon brother.
I don’t know what was wrong with him. I don’t know what is going on his mind. Always watching cartoons and behaving like them, talking like them, walking like them he was more than a cartoon. Jumping and running is his hobbies. Years ago he love Ben ten ad a Japanese cartoon called shin chang. But know he loves Hannah Montana, he love Miley Cyrus and Celina Gomez. Hannah Montana is for girls but he doesn’t give a damn, what he loves is his favorite.

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