Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Living Forever Young

Since Ancient time people have tried more and more ways to stay young and some has even succeeded in doing that.  “Samaidha Bin Qatra” the chief and command of the followers of Ismail lived for a recorded time of four hundred years by eating only garlic and honey, onion and etc… Recent people just don’t get a life time of even hundred years.

I am not old but I can see many and many and more and more trying Special diets and appointments with beauticians. But I think the best way is just to keep smiling forever, as I can see many of my Old friends just lives like a twenty one year old kid, they like to do whatever we do, they kick they jump and they run with us, just don’t feel like they are twenty five years older than us. That’s also a sort of youngness and in my opinion the most important point of this heading, it’s called youngness of mind. We see Old pals but look like younger than us but once you get along with them there is a difference, they are left behind with the time; their minds are not upgraded like their face…

I know a forty five years old guy who uses to be my boss before but now he is just a very good friend, and actually he inspired me to this post. He is a cool guy who wears jeans and T shirts like the youngsters. A guy totally far more civilized than us youngsters. He like I pods and I phones and the latest bikes, and he is yet just too good for girls.


  1. Ur soo tru and i completely agree on every single thing u've said out there ..its the youngness of mind that is important ... and i've evn some of those old pals who are much more stronger than the yungsters also .. so its only the way they think who they are .if u think ur' young ..u are young

  2. I feel sad for people who can't stop chasing youth. They're just grasping at straws.
    Being young-at-heart is better than any plastic surgery :)