Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Around Us

i dont know what is wrong with me i just dont like parties and shows and all those stuffs ... my friends hate me for that but i just hate to be sitting in a boring show ... in this very moment i am sitting in a loud music show where every body is doing nothing but just dancing like "no body's business",, lols

In here in Maldives there are many talented people who have excelled  fame in various ways. But really sad that most of them are not honored with as much as respect given to a real super star. Sad but true that our celebs are all over the place in roads in shops and even they are seen in fish market, but that's how it has been rolling in here, as Male' is a congested place so it is something very usual. I think the real problem is us, we dont really think about those, We dont show them enough respect and on other side they dont behave like a celeb. As a result their value goes down and there are offered a lil price, which is not enough to live a life of a celebrity.

Tonight here with me is a very young and talented singer in Maldives, i wont mention the name. He has been hired for a show tonight in here. So now i can see there he is rocking the people with some Tadadada songs, nice i really like him and wish him a good career.

Being famous is a very hard thing but maintaining that fame is a more harder task. Real stars are not seen around and there are people ready to die just to see an image of them because of their limited appearances. When we see Oscars and many awards, we see many celebs but hardly we find somebody like Johnny depp and that is the reason why they ranks at the top, they are the real expensive mega stars. But remember sleeping all day without going out isn't the way to win the fame, do something that catch the eye balls. If you succeeded in doing that then sleep as i said your value will touch the skies.

I really want to see Maldivian films reaching to international platforms but i dont think i will see it in my life time, looking at their achievements till date. Major cause in here is copying and imitating. Now its kinda tradition in here but hats of to all those youngsters who are trying their own music. i think the government must encourage them to create their own art by Building a specific school.

During all these things there are stars who can be called stars, stars who created there own music and some released it in over seas. There are the ones and feel proud of them for the great work they have done.


So Tadadada ...keke
for a long time this celeb story has been roaming in my mind
tonight when i saw a celeb then just thought of posting...


  1. I agree with you on the part that Maldivians copy. That is something that I really dislike about the music industry in Maldives, I hate that they just take what the Indians have put a lot of work into and just make money on that. So I really praise those with originality, although I hardly listen to any Maldivian songs.

    I don't know about how the celebs in Maldives behave, but it is said that they don't really carry themselves in the most respect-worthy manner either.

  2. i see... nice that you don't listen to this Maldivian copy " Korakali " songs neither do i ...

    thank you for commenting so quickly ..hehe

  3. Idk about the music industry in Maldives lol, but I've always hated parties and shows too! lol

  4. ur so right .. me too is among u .. i hate the industry for they copy othrs work..
    and most of the celebs in male' dun behave like stars and thats their own problem and is also the reason why they dun get the respect they should !! gud one bro

  5. @ dhon ... Thanks

    @ Amal.. Finaly u comment n its ur first comment in my blog lol ..hehe

    thanks alot for commenting ...

  6. im like totally on ur side for dis...i hate copy songs.....n stars? i don't think they shud even b called stars... i don't think they even know what dat respect is not gonna b in their list ofcox...great post!

  7. thank you blacky.. i knw u al wil agree wit me since u live in male' n u wil b seein dis al around ...