Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Its a Pain

Today my hair is just like a hive, wonder bees around my head,
Inspired from Divya just thought of posting about few things that gives me a pain..

 I don't know whats wrong with my hair its not curly neither wavy... how to name it, my hair does not fit into any category. My feet too, out of order, its too big, i cant even find a good boot for me. During my school days it was so hard to find a boot for me, and my mom will be confused about me.

Since i started to remember i was the hugest student in my class.. it was something adopted from my family, all my family members are usually huger than the normal people around us. but believe me it is a pain. Mom always had dead kinda hair and she has golden brown eyes, i think it is the reason why i am having that kinda hair and brown eyes. My dad is huge and his feet is huge too thats why i am huge and my feet is out of order. But after all my face is unique even though it is an assembled face. 

When i entered to football i really had a hard time with my boots, most of the shops here in Male' offers small boots which is specialized for the normal people around. I was left with no alternative but to play in a double size smaller boot and it caused me to loose my Nails, ooh it was paining.. but still never gave up. but gave up the nails for football. Later on i had to order boots from other countries, just had to sit back in home until my boot arrives. After finishing the school never had to face that problem because boots was no more a daily obligation, but now also i wear boots which i brought from India and Srilanka. But it wasn't over... i tried to grow my hair longer, no matter how hard i try it remains as a hive ...

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