Saturday, December 11, 2010

Impressive Lady who shocked me ...

Smoking ladies are a bit different from the usual ones we see roaming around, in a way we don't have the rights to stop them because it is something practiced by us males too. During the last decade the percentage of smoking females here in Maldives have mounted from 6 percent to more then 30 percent. All though it remains as a strange thing to us Maldivians. 

Yesterday i was sitting in my job site when i saw a very famous female Tv presenter walking toward me, she came and sat next to my table with a guy. After a while the guy started smoking and the lady was feeling very uncomfortable about it. It was the first time i saw this lady and she was beautiful like hell, from the way she reacted to smoke i was pretty much sure that she was a very good girl.  But the story went like this, the next day     i saw this beautiful lady finishing a Sheesha without a breath... now that was something really unexpected.
I said to my self, get going babe.

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