Sunday, December 5, 2010

B Town

There were times when there was frustrating classical's in films, there were films made on no story...and there were actors who only works for money, but nowadays i think the trend has changed a lot, More likely after Aamir khan decided to do one film at a time, he was criticized and was told that he was doing a mistake but later on the whole industry came into his view point and started to think of better. An actor must always try to bring cultivating and unforgeable films to the audience rather than sighing any film which is offered to them, actors must not be someone ready to do anything for money...

During the mid nineties actors don't even hear the script, they just sign and do what ever the director says. Good boys but what if the director is fooling you. Happy to know that today's new generation of actors really do get concern about the script and keeps reading it for ours. It was a trend set by Aamir, he is known as one of the most famous method actors of all times. Recently he was invited to Buckingham place for a dinner with prince Charles. Aamir was born as a director but later on on he thought of facing the camera. since 1988 he has been active as an actor and he completed his biggest dream after 20 longs years of acting, he directed his own movie and at the same time he acted in it, the film was "Taare Zameen Par" and it was considered as the best film of 2007 all around the world.

He had the courage to prove himself and he has proved it by acting in the biggest commercial success of India "3 Idiots". Looking at his past, in past 15 years there have been no flop films of him and he ranks at the top with a record of delivering 8 Blockbusters in a decade. He was the first Indian to be invited on Oscars more than twice, thrice. Meanwhile the remaining khan, Srk's only 1 film was nominated to Oscars. Aamir did sing in his films and he did wrote his own scripts and he directed them and produced them and as well as acted in them. And after all this he is named as Mr.Perfectionist. Aamir khan has always proved himself as a film lover more than a hired actor and it proves from the death defying stunt he performed in "Ghulam" by running towards a train at the speed  of 40-50km per hour. During the stunt everybody thought Aamir was dead but he jumps of the track and he miss the train by a second while the train touched his T shirt.

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