Thursday, December 2, 2010

My way of Blogging

After blogging for almost a year i have seen many people who do write their daily schedules in their blogs. The places they went and the things that came across them, and there are many who use blogs as a mean of publishing there art works, i know i have also published an art work of mine at the header but probably that is not the way i use my blog..

When i think of doing it i think twice, i don't share my daily schedules and neither i use my blog as a diary, everytime i post i think about the readers from all around the world. I don't name places and people unless they are international and recognized by all. Suppose i am writing about a stupid guy working at the shop next to my door, then its a post for the people who knows the guy and for the people who knows this place, imagine a guy from america reading out my post and stops at a  certain point where i mention a place called "Dharubaaruge". So based on all these i start to write my posts and i don't mean to write, express. There are specific times to write, many people has been noticing that, most of my posts are published in midnight.

I love midnight because of the peace and harmony, its just wonderful to see a silent town. In the dark when its silent i sit infront of my PC and lay my hands on the keyboard, i let my subconscious mind to connect with my hands. My hands will contact with my subconscious mind for a while... and then the post is finished...

I don't post in various occasions, it depends on my mood. In my blog i have some posts which i finished within a month, it just took long, there were something going on my mind and it took me a month to slowly slowly to paste it on paper. When my posts are published i really don't like my family reading it, when the post is considered as past then its okay. I dont usually tell them about my blog, and my friends too, Last time i posted a live story and called my friend, i said to check on it but he said thats crap and he didn't even checked on my blog. I was sad but later on i felt happy about it, thank God that they are not aware of my intentions which i post on my blog.

I have noticed that many of you don't like the way i write, thats okay. See now you will be thinking it because the way i just now wrote K and Cox in their long form okay and because. I can still imagine the expression on a friend's face when i said ROFLLAMO. So better to write in something that everybody knows and if you don't know English what the hell are you doing in my blog, you are not being able to read what i write so i better put an indicator in the sidebar.

I came to blogger to open my mind in a wider range, and during this i love to check on peoples blog because thats the only place where you don't have to knock before you enter. I really like and would like to know the way how people think and that is the reason why i check on peoples blog. I do comment though people comment me back or not because i am very keen about giving feedback. Many of us don't like to follow but i don't feel like that, and its very easy for me to check on everybody's posts while remaining in my dashboard. After updating an post it is such an a hard thing for me to be writing 'Updated" in everybody's blog, rarely i do that, and it took me a lots of courage to write it, i wont do it until  i feel the person lil bit friendly...


  1. Everyone has their comfort zone of blogging. :) I put a lot of thought into not making things too personal, and there are others who might say the point of their blog is to write about everything personal in their life. Even if someone doesn't comment on your post, you could've changed just a little bit about the way the reader thinks, subconciously. It's really just the joy of writing about whatever your mind wanders to.

  2. hehe ... i knew ur the one who's gonna comment first, the last two sentence of my post is indicating someone even though i don't mention the name, and i really don't mean something bad about u :) ....i really like your blog...

    the main point of this post is that i just really want to keep my posts in a certain standard, by saying this i don't mean anything about the other bloggers. surly there are different people and different opinions ,,

    and btw i said in my post i do really get concerned about the readers... as you said haiko its all about the joy of writing about whatever your mind wanders, in doing that i pretty much try connect with different people because i don't have an a target audience, Old, Mid aged and young people, anybody can read my posts...

  3. ur blog is abt ur style..
    if full wat? if the reader doesnt like it jus say stay outta the blog lol!..
    those who dont like readin thier test books r the ones who complain abt the way people type nall dat blah blah...all i gotta say is.. ur blog is awsome..its interestin...shows ur jus keep it up..if anybody complains abt full words (or shud i say proper english) thenjusgiv em a dictionary n tell em..." keep dis in case ur grand children have no idea abt proper english" LOL.... thats one thingi wud do..sojuxa suggestion...anyways nice post =D
    lookin forward

  4. Well blacky i have to say you gotta proper english XD ...

    n 10x 4 ur knd wrds ..

  5. its a very usual thing.. All not might be interested in reading..specially reading about someones life..!! As you write you will gain readers... juss keep sharing...there are pple to follow and read.. cheers

  6. @ Xefrox,,

    have heard about u a lot.. hehe
    n finally ur'e here, nice :)
    n thanks for the kind visit...