Thursday, November 25, 2010

This is interesting maybe gotta stuck to it

After digging all around finally found a place to bare my time, as i mentioned in my previous posts i have never been very much in to jobs, probably i wasn't working in my interest. Past two years i have been studying hospitality and tourism studies, when i entered to hotel school i never thought it will be interesting. I just wanted a way to money and tourism was the best way here in Maldives so i entered and found my self in the middle of a resort, roaming around white people, and it was the best thing. Harley Davidson bikes and white people have been very much in my likes since i was a child, to be talking with the white and being friends with them was just another sunny side of my life here in the sunny side of life.

I found the field so much interesting that i was declared as the number 1 student of my course and the 4th from the whole Hotel school including the students who was doing masters. I was at the top of my game even though i was a school dropout. No one did believe me until they saw my graduation certificate from hotel school, why the hell they was going to believe and how will they believe that a student who have been scoring F reports for a recorded time of nine years have finally reached to the top. Major thing i don't like about the schools in Male' is the way they teach and the standard of teachers...

i don't like people capturing my photos but still some people do, and this is one from those...  

After resigning from my previous hotel i have been working in a mobile shop for almost a year when i resigned from there in last month due to some problems. No regrets, it was a wowing experience, i learn so much about phones while studying another interesting subject. And also i have faith in Allah, I know i will find a job. On my birthday my best Buddie called me and offered me to manage a 24/7 open air coffee house here in  male' ... i know i am very new and very very young for the job but since i read the book "100 Principles to Success" there have been an extra strong courage inside me. I don't feel nervous, i started to work when i was 14, not like my situation forced me but i wanted to do, just one week later from the day i left school.

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