Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Year Passed while bemused in the puzzle

busy with stuffs meanwhile another year passed leaving some good and bad memories. 
today is nothing more than adding just another digit to my age.

19 years have passed roaming around here and there but still life seems undiscovered, still can figure out the point of my life...

Long time ago i was a bad fella, probably a one who hates books and studies. I had the joy of my life within 13 years that i spent inside schools. But never thought of studies just went there to see my buddies. Violence was a part of me and silence was something i really hate. But believe me, today violence is not my thing and i just love silence... Since i was rusticated from school in past few years i have changed my lifestyle. I felt guilty about myself. The people who i have treated badly and the people who i have kicked, i found them and i said sorry to them.Usually people don't do it but i just felt. Since then i remains as a loyal buddy to them, and i feel good about it.

Sometime back i met a astrologist and he said in close future i will be doing a lot of paper works and i will be a man with papers.I wasn't serious about it and never thought of eating books. but seems like it is true today i am filled with papers and books.


  1. its good to apologize for things u kno u've done wrong and its grt that u've changed ur self ..