Monday, November 1, 2010

tired of life ...

why the hell it happens ... but that's the way how it is. parents do care about their kids, if we don't be home till late night they will be concerned... but they need to trust us depending on our behavior and previous records.

i haven't done anything wrong so far, there are no complains about me but i don't know why my mom and dad is always so concerned about me. they need to understand that i cant just sit in home, i do have friends and i do have things to do.

i remember last new year night,i went to Hulhumale' and she wasn't very keen about that. she just kept insisting me not go but i went against her will. Omg!! she made me feel like hell by calling me in every two minutes.. the whole week i was kinda isolated, i had to cook on my own and wash my cloths and it went on and on ...

i am thinking to go somewhere in the upcoming new year night...
lets see what happens this year, this time i wont let her know in order to avoid further problems...


  1. Oww dear .. i kno everyone shud get freedom .. evn im sumone more like u ..i dun get to go out much ..but tell u ..its for ur gud that the parents are doing it ..they dun want u to be like the others around u .. may be they are holding u too much but as u grow older she'll let u out and try not hurting her .. and i hope everything gets owki ..

  2. iam 19 dhon n still i have to hide myself to cal chicks ... keke ,
    parents will never leave you alone :D

  3. eheheh .. yeahh ur grown up know .. and i;ve jus got nuthing to say k .. parents are jus parents