Saturday, November 13, 2010

much awaited times never seems to appear

There is a dream, there is a hope, there is a challenge and there is a competition ... everyday thousands of people die in trying to reach their goals, some achieved, and some don't ...

Everybody dreams and plans despite some few ones i saw without a dream neither with a plan, as believed by many thrilling scientists and psychologists, a bigger dreamer becomes a bigger man. But sometimes everything does not go on the way we want it to go. Life keeps changing like our facebook status ... Unpredictable things happens and leaves you in no where with a broken dream.

The only way to survive the impact is to be prepared, take your plans in your sudden reacting mind, so it will back your plans in each and every twist. Dont make your self stuck in certain way, keep the motivation to change your self in anyway that requires, keep the courage to swim along with the flowing current, it will surly change you directions but not the target and neither your journey,

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