Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kool for an evening, HulhuMale'

After a long time today I step on Hulhumale’… aah what a cool breeze, I just love the city, it is a city more than Singapore surrounded with crystal clear water. Since Last New Year’s Eve I haven’t been here.

I remember the times we used to go Hulhumale’ when I was in school. That was the day’s when Hulhumale’ was opened for public and we bunk our classes and spend the rest of the day roaming in Hulhumale’.

I love the city but I just prefer to live in male’ its kinda odd for me to be living in Hulhumale’, the place is just like a silent hill and not much people and a fewer trees with large empty roads. For 19 years I’ve been living in male’ and Im highly addicted to metropolitan cities. If there is no sound then I can’t sleep if there is no people I feel too odd.

There is a very famous saying, “Male’ never sleeps”.

I hate to be living in places where the whole city is dead after 9. Hulhumale’ is okay in that manner but inhabited islands of Maldives and many cities of India and Sri Lanka will be dead after 9 or 10… and you know we have been trained to live in a city that never sleeps.


  1. evn i like hulhumale' though i dun get to go thr much eh .. and i miss the times i use to be there .. its a total fun place to hangout with .. and i wud luv to actually live in hulhu male .. and i wud prefer being in bangalore .. than that of male; though it almost sleeps after nine or 10 ... ;p

  2. yeah i prefer day life in Bangalore and night life in Male' or Vegas ..keke