Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It Is Real

It was a sleepless night with the fear that something is watching my back, something invisible to my eyes.
November 20th, 2010, Saturday, Evening 5:30 when a friend called me and asked me to join him in the nearest coffee house, at the same time an Indian friend called me and said to come to the same coffee house. I said to myself “the both world ends in West Park (the nearest coffee house). I just put on my pant and hurried to the coffee house where the both friends who called me, was occupying the same table, and there was a third guy sitting next to them, a guy with a Lil beard.  On my way to the coffee house i have met another friend and i had brought him with me to company me. So we just sat at the table and ordered for a drink.

The Indian friend have been saying to me to find a Exorcist to check his house here in Male’. He said he doubt there was some spiritual things going inside his house. I tried  to find but i couldn’t, hopefully  my friend who called me first, did it for him so obviously the guy with a lil beard was the Exorcist.

We just sat at there and kept talking for a while and the Exorcist decided to go to the Indian friends house. Before also i have been to that house and i know everybody in that house so i wasn’t very much excited to go to that house, a phone call came and i ran out of the conversation leaving them on their way to that house.

After a short 30 minutes i went to that so called haunted house, the door was locked so i gave a call to my friend, the first time his phone was busy and the second time he said he is opening the door, but he opened the door to my third call. I know there was something fishy and as i guessed, a lady living in that house and a very close friend of mine was laying on the bed. OOOoooaaah Oh My God …

A Gin was inside her body, she was shouting like hell but it wasn’t her the one inside her and the the exorcist was dealing with her with some Arabic wordings,  Gin said it is her room and that was the reason why she was trying to hurt the human being living in the room, somehow the great exorcist made peace with her and the Gin left…

I was so scared that i was holding the hand of the exorcist, we came out of the room to the sitting area and by that time the lady also was fine and she got up from the bed and came out… i was just siting next to the lady, i said you made me feel like hell. I never thought of it, that it might happen to you. She closed her eyes slowly i knew something was not right.

Suddenly she rises her both arms to both sides and again laid down on the ground( i couldn’t even imagine, she was so fast in doing that). exorcist sitting next to me said leave her… i jumped of to the other side of the couch and hide in the back of the great exorcist. During the talks that we had in the sitting area after dealing with the first Gin, the Exorcist said that the lady Gin was still there sitting in the corner but it wasn’t trying to hurt us, and also he said that there is some black magic over the lady that happened to be the victim of this first Gin.

So it was the the 2nd and the Black Magic Gin who caused me to jump off to the back of the exorcist. And then started the random questions of exorcist’s, like whats your name whats the purpose of coming here and who sent you…and it went on, Somehow the exorcist killed the black magic gin, he gave the Gin opportunities to leave the lady and go but it didn’t workout the whole thing ended in a fight between a Gin and a Exorcist.

Meanwhile deep inside this i was a translator because the Gin came from India and it knows Hindi and sadly the exorcist wasn’t someone very good at Hindi. The only one with the knowledge of Hindi was me.
It  was not my favorite thing to do but my situation pushed me to do it,
Direct Contact with a GIN…

May Almighty Allah Save us from the Unseen


  1. Oh my, that's one heck of an experience. I probably couldn't handle it. Kudos for being so brave. :) Alhamdulillah, you're okay!